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Anna Zilboorg
Anna is an Anglican solitary and an Elder of the knitting community. She devotes her remaining energy to teaching the living craft ( as opposed to just following directions). She has been called the Anarchist Knitter because of her book Knitting for Anarchists, and the Mad Bobbler due to her love of three-dimensional stitches. Other books include Magnificent Mittens and Socks and Splendid Apparel, both available, as well as Fancy Feet (Turkish patterns) and Hats, both out of print.

STITCHES East 2011 ETC Classes
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Monday 9:00 am - 4:00 pm Tuesday 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
ETC Intermediate Sampler Vest Enjoy this rare opportunity to share Anna Zilboorg’s ever-evolving knitting world: traveling stitches, designing with strips, embellishing with embroidery. Learn to work twisted traveling stitches back and forth — tricky, but a lot of fun once you master the technique. We’ll start a vest front with a small simple strip. Then relax a bit with Palestrina-knot embroidery before we proceed to the complex center pattern, After working a bit of that, we can start the diagonal strip, joining it to the other strips as we go. When we add more embroidery, it brings all the patterns to a new life.

There will be other embroidered knitting available for ideas for further embellishment. Finishing the vest when you go home will give you a chance to practice all you’ve learned.