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Sarah Peasley
Sarah is a designer, teacher, and technical editor. She teaches at local yarn shops and guilds, for regional and national conferences, and on Craftsy.

Sarah's passion is making knitting accessible to everyone. She is known for the patience and humor with which she teaches, for the relevance and detail of her class notes, and for her ability to instill confidence and provide her students with a wide range of lasting skills.

For more about Sarah, go to sarahpeasley.com.

STITCHES East 2012 Classes
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Thursday 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm
227-3 Easy Simple Finishing Tips Let Sarah help you put a sweater together step by step. Sew seams smoothly, pick up stitches evenly (and without gaps), weave in ends invisibly, and learn to block like a pro. Turn your knitted pieces into a beautifully finished product that you'll be proud to show off.
Techniques covered include: 3-needle bind-off, sewing garter stitch, sewing stitch-to-stitch, sewing row-to-row, sewing stitch-to-row, picking up stitches, weaving in ends, and blocking/laundering.
Friday 8:00 am - 11:00 am
116-3 Easy Basic Intarsia Techniques Intarsia knitting creates a single layer of multi-colored fabric, as in Christmas stockings with a jolly Santa motif or a vertically striped sweater. Learn a variety of tricks to keep your intarsia knitting on track and (mostly) tangle free, including preparing your materials, reading a chart, weaving in ends, and mastering duplicate stitch.
Saturday 8:00 am - 11:00 am
554-3 Easy Knitting in Circles Tired of knitting back and forth? Ready to move on? Expand your horizons with a variety of circular-knitting techniques. Learn to knit in the round using double points, 1 circular, 2 circulars, and the Magic Loop, with I-cord and double knitting thrown in for good measure. You'll be ready to make seamless sweaters, sleeves, gloves, bags, and socks (even 2 at a time), and much, much more.
Saturday 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm     SOLD OUT
531-3 Easy Preventing and Fixing Mistakes Become the boss of your knitting! Study the anatomy of a stitch, then apply what you've learned to correct a variety of common mistakes including twisted stitches, dropped stitches, split stitches, and holes. Learn to safely rip back a stitch, a row, or an acre of knitting without losing your cool.
Sunday 8:30 am - 11:30 am
544-3 Easy Take Time to Save Time Really? A whole class about gauge? Yes. Gauge really IS that important, and this class will tell you why. Learn to make a proper gauge swatch, measure it accurately, and use what it tells you to make a garment that actually fits. Blocking and successful yarn substitution will also be discussed.
Sunday 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm
532-3 Intermediate Cut and Paste Does the very thought of Kitchener Stitch make you queasy? Get over it! Practice grafting a variety of stitch patterns, then apply what you've learned to an elegant hem and a flawless seam. Discover ways to modify your knitting: Sleeves too long? Wish you'd started with garter stitch instead of ribbing? Hate the colors in that band of Fair Isle? Cut out the bad and graft in the good.

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