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Gwen Bortner
Gwen Bortner is a Craft Yarn Council Certified Teacher teaching at venues throughout the country, the author of Entree to Entrelac and the past Interim Executive Director of The National Needlearts Association.

Gwen's passion is teaching. Whether teaching through the local community education program, at a national knitting convention, or at the local yarn shop, meeting new people and sharing the love of knitting is one of her greatest joys.

Gwen's teaching philosophy can be summed up in the following quote, "My job is to make the students' toolbox bigger. If all you own is a hammer, everything looks like a nail! I believe there are lots of 'right' answers. The more options you have, the more skills you develop, and a better knitter is the result. My mantra is 'knitting is fun'. If you add something to your knitting toolbox and have fun doing it, then I consider that a successful class."

For more about Gwen, go to gwenbortner.com

STITCHES West 2013 Classes
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Friday 8:30 am - 11:30 am     SOLD OUT
597-3 Intermediate Fabulous Fabrics Just for Jackets A knitted jacket is the perfect item to add to your wardrobe. Wear it to the office over a skirt and shell or toss it on with a t-shirt and jeans for a day of shopping. However, knitting a jacket can be different than knitting a sweater. Learn what makes a good jacket fabric along with methods to achieve the desired result. Try a number of different stitch pattern possibilities and learn how to identify good possibilities early. Finally, begin developing a gauge swatch for your own jacket.
Friday 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm     SOLD OUT
606-3 Easy Entrelac Basics Have you always wanted to learn entrelac but thought it would be too hard? Whether a beginner or advanced knitter, this class is for you. During this class, each student will have the opportunity to knit a small project to gain hands-on experience in the entrelac technique. Participants will learn the seamless entrelac technique and basic entrelac construction. Hints and tips on the fine points of entrelac, a discussion of other project possibilities and an overview of knitting in both directions will also be included.
Saturday 8:30 am - 11:30 am     SOLD OUT
221-3 Easy Simple Sewing; Luxurious Linings Few items in your wardrobe are more luxurious to wear than a beautifully lined jacket. But the sewing has to be difficult, right? THINK AGAIN! You can line your own hand knitted jacket, bag, or other hand knitted items with the most basic of sewing skills. If you can sew on a button, you can line your hand knits. Learn all of the basic skills required for lining without the worry of messing up the "real thing". Practice attaching the lining to the fabric, encasing the seams and finishing the lining along the edges. Learn tips and tricks along with the biggest secret of them all—you do not need to be a seamstress. When complete, you will have a small silk lined eye glass case. But most importantly, you will be ready to tackle lining your own hand knits.
Saturday 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm     SOLD OUT
385-3 Intermediate Skirt Design for All Shapes and Sizes Knitted skirts are not just for those with slender hips and model-sized dimensions. In fact, the nature of knitted fabric makes them perfect for all sorts of shapes and sizes. Learn the secrets to creating a skirt that will look good on YOUR body. Start with an exploration of fabrics to understand what works best and why. Next gather measurements needed to create a design, custom fit to your lower half. Finally, study skirt structures to see how to apply them to your own design. Leave class ready to design and knit the perfect skirt for your body.
Sunday 8:30 am - 11:30 am     SOLD OUT
558-3 Intermediate Knitting in Both Directions Most of us knit in one direction, but what would happen if you could knit in EITHER direction? Bobbles would pop out faster, entrelac would be even more fun, edgings would be added quicker and your yarn would be less tangled. Some call it knitting back backwards, but regardless of the name, it is a great skill to have in your knitting arsenal. You can learn the basics to knitting (and purling) in 'the other direction' regardless of the way you knit now! All it takes, as with most things, is a little bit of practice. Learn the how and the why and get started with what some students have called "the coolest thing they have ever learned in knitting".
Sunday 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm
547-3 Intermediate Sneaky Shaping with Short Rows Knitted fabric has some wonderfully unique properties when it comes to garment creation. One of the best is the ability to create a three-dimensional fabric through the use of short rows. Short rows can be used in a variety of ways including sock heels, shoulder shaping, bust darts, and even interesting stripes. During class, get hands on experience to compare and contrast four techniques: basic short rows, wrap and turn, yarn over, and Japanese short rows. Discover which method produces your preferred result and learn when, where, and how to apply them to various types of knitting projects.

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