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Susanna Hansson
Susanna grew up in Sweden and learned to knit in the fifth grade, as did all young Swedish girls in the early 1960s. She has been an instrumental influence in the renaissance of interest in the unique patterned colorwork Bohus Stickning sweaters, and her collection of vintage garments was the centerpiece of a highly successful exhibit at the American Swedish Institute (ASI) in 2009.
In addition to teaching at STITCHES events, Susanna takes her workshops on the road to guilds, retreats, and shops in North America, Scandinavia, Japan, and the UK. Her work is grounded in her love of technique, detail, history, and culture. She loves to teach as much as she loves to knit!

For more information about Susanna, please visit her website at www.oneofsusannas.com.

STITCHES West 2013 ETC Classes
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Monday 9:00 am - 4:00 pm Tuesday 9:00 am - 4:00 pm     CANCELED
ETC Intermediate Lapland Hand Garments: The Mittens from Rovaniemi Learn the colorwork technique used to create the patterning on mittens from northern Finland (similar patterns are found in northern Norway as well). The mittens that inspired this workshop are named after the city of Rovaniemi that sits on the Arctic Circle and is considered the gateway to Finnish Lapland.
The zig-zag pattern appears only on the top of the mitten while the palm side is plain. The design is created in a most unusual way using a main color and three pattern colors. I tend to describe the technique used as a combination of stranded knitting, true intarsia-in-the-round, and woven knitting. Each ‘path’ of the pattern colors has its own skein of yarn so part of the process is learning to keep track of and manipulate your 11 skeins of pattern colors. Once you know how, it’s easy!
To get everyone comfortable with the technique, we will spend time practicing on worsted weight yarn with a few pattern colors before launching into the actual class project which is a pair of wristlets.
As you plan your wristlets, you will have an opportunity to choose from many pattern colors and think about color placement and ‘swatch’ different placements using colored pencils (much quicker than knitting!). We will also discuss several decorative multi-color cast-ons, how to create braids and half-braids, and learn how to make a finger knitted cord, as well as a great looking tassel. Some decorative elements can be crocheted on afterwards and we will cover some of those options as well, time permitting.
Materials fee:$20. This includes sufficient yarn in off-white (your main color) and three pattern colors for a pair of wristlets. The yarn, called Satakieli, is from Finland. It is a 2-ply wool (360 yards/3.5 oz) with a relatively tight twist.