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Stacey Trock
Stacey has been bringing cuteness into the crochet-world with her adorable stuffed animals since 2008. She is the author of Cuddly Crochet and Crocheted Softies and has self-published over 100 irresistibly cute animal patterns through her website, FreshStitches.

Stacey firmly believes that there's no 'right way' to crochet and enthusiastically experiments with a variety of techniques (even less-popular ones!) to achieve the desired finished product. This philosophy spills over into her teaching style: she encourages students to discover what works best for their own crocheting style for maximum crochet enjoyment!

For more about Stacey, go to freshstitches.com

STITCHES South 2013 Classes
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Friday 8:30 am - 11:30 am
836-3 Easy Make a Stuffed Animal Not only are stuffed animals cute and cuddly, they’re fantastic crochet projects because they don’t take long to make and they don’t need to fit anybody! Plus, once you know some basic techniques, you'll be able to tackle almost any animal pattern that's out there... what could be better? This class will cover selecting yarn and appropriate hook size, how to do a sorta-gauge swatch (no measuring required!), how to begin working in the round, a refresher on crochet pattern variations you may encounter, techniques for attaching pieces, child-safety, and tips for stuffing. We'll crochet a super-adorable ladybug, which will teach you the variety of basic techniques you'll need. By the end of this class, you'll not only have a cutie nearly done... but you'll be confidently trained in animal-making!
Friday 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
837-3 Easy Techniques for Crochet Colorwork Have you been befuddled by a project that requires you to use multiple colors of yarn? Should you carry the unused color across or start a new ball? Decisions, decisions! In this class, we'll investigate the advantages to various techniques for handling color changes: stranding, 'crocheting over', and intarsia. We'll also compare working in the round vs. working in rows. You'll learn to read color charts and get tips for keeping your color changes tidy.

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