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Daniel Yuhas
Daniel Yuhas learned to knit as a college kid nearly 20 years ago, and the obsession has grown ever since. He believes that knitting is fundamentally good for the universe — every stitch we knit is an act of creativity, and loves it when his role as a teacher is to encourage that spark of creativity in his students. Daniel's first book, Knitting from the Center Out, came out in the Fall of 2012. Daniel lives and knits in Portland, Oregon.

STITCHES Midwest 2013 Classes
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Thursday 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm     SOLD OUT
393-3 Intermediate Design Your Own Pi Shawl The Pi Shawl is a great project for exploring center-out and lace knitting. Described by its un-nventor Elizabeth Zimmerman as having “absolutely no pattern,” the simple shaping of the Pi Shawl makes it supremely easy to customize your garment as you go to your heart’s delight. In this workshop, we’ll learn the architecture of the Pi Shawl, and pick out a lace pattern or two, then cast on and get knitting. We’ll learn the disappearing loop cast-on technique and magic loop method for working in the round. Class handouts will include several examples of lace patterns that work well with the Pi Shawl’s geometry, and you’ll also learn how to modify a lace repeat to suit your needs.
Note: Must be comfortable with lace knitting.
Friday 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm     SOLD OUT
465-3 Intermediate Revolutionary Knitting Knitting from the center out is a 'revolutionary old technique' for making just about anything. Working on double-pointed needles and beginning with just a few stitches, our work will grow outwards with each spin around the needles. In this class we'll learn the disappearing loop cast-on and knit a beautiful pinwheel pattern. What you begin in class could become a coaster, a holiday ornament, a hat, a baby blanket, a pillow, or a tablecloth—the choice is yours!
Saturday 8:30 am - 11:30 am
464-3 Intermediate Lace and Loop Scarf This complex asymmetrical scarf will have you daydreaming about corkscrews and roller coasters as you follow the twists and turns from start to finish. Gravity-defying loops of I-cord wrap around the neck, while a spreading bell of simple lace dangles below — as fun to wear as it is to make! We'll cover basic lace techniques and I-cord in class.
Saturday 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
912-3 Intermediate Knitting in the Round — On Two Straight Needles! Picture yourself stranded on the most luxurious desert island imaginable, where you find a lifetime supply of cashmere-infused sock yarn, the complete Barbara Walker treasuries, but — alas! — only straight knitting needles, and no tapestry needle to be found anywhere. How will you make socks? In this class we'll learn to use single-strand double-knitting to knit a pair of socks seamlessly, toe-up, and in the round — using straight needles and our wits. The result looks identical to a sock knit circularly, but the bragging rights are beyond compare.
Note: Students must have knit at least one pair of socks in the conventional manner, whether top-down or toe-up.

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