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Leslye Solomon
Having taught at STITCHES events for more than 20 years and at a variety of knitting seminars from England to Alaska, Leslye Solomon is an enthusiastic, energetic, and empathetic teacher with extensive knitwear training.

Leslye owns Woolstock Yarn Shop in Glyndon, Maryland. She shares her experience and knowledge in instructional videos, DVDs and books. Subjects covered include sweater finishing, making socks using double points and a single circular needle, techniques in buttonholes and bands, a wonderful method of continental knitting, bead knitting, and machine knitting, including a book entitled The Uncomplicated Knitting Machine. Leslye has also created KnitSpeaker, an iPhone, iPad, iPod timed-audio pattern-repeating app for knitters.

A class with Leslye is an experience that will arm students with valuable knowledge. Their only concern is whether they will remember it all!

For more about Lesyle, go to woolstock.com.

STITCHES East 2013 Classes
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Thursday 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm     SOLD OUT
538-3 Easy Switch to Continental Style Knitting It doesn't matter how old you were when you learned to knit or if you are left or right handed, Leslye has a proven technique that will help you quickly and easily change your style to knit faster and more ergonomically and create a more even fabric. As a result of this easy-to-learn technique, students begin to fly through and love ribbing and seed stitch. Besides becoming more productive through speed, the quality of the knit fabric will improve and become more even. Enjoy renewed knitting confidence as you will find yourself attempting more complicated stitch projects.
Friday 8:30 am - 11:30 am
331-3 Easy Design Your Dream Sweater This easy-to-understand class on basic pattern writing enables you to pursue your design ideas. Learn how to make successful changes to existing patterns for exactly what you envision. Learn the secrets to understanding your gauge which is the sample fabric of your project. Learn to predict how your sweater will change after it is knit. Learn specific body points to measure and how much ease to add using advanced, gauge information. Understand the secrets to shaping armholes, how they start, how much to decrease, and how long to make them. See how easy it is to shape any kind of neck to either create your own design or change an existing pattern. Learn how to measure certain parts of your arm to be able to write a pattern for the sleeves for any length and an easy-to-design, beautifully shaped sleeve cap to fit in that armhole you chose. Let's turn you into a sweater designer.
Sunday 8:30 am - 11:30 am
212-3 Easy Sweater Finishing Do you feel that sinking sense of uncertainty when you are faced with completing your sweaters? Do you pay someone else to do something you should be able to accomplish like a pro? Do you look for sweaters knit in the round just to avoid the finishing process? Learn tips to help you love finishing as much as you love knitting. Learn how blocking can help you get the results you want. Practice creating invisible shoulder and side seams. See an amazing way to graft ribbing. Watch the two methods of sewing set-in or drop-shoulder sleeves. Learn how to pick up neck stitches by knowing exactly where to insert the needle and where to avoid. Learn what to do with all those yarn tails to safely make them disappear. Learn important crochet edges every knitter should know.
Sunday 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm
511-3 Intermediate Turn Mistakes and Mishaps into Knowledge and Experience Mistakes — we all have made them. Some are very obvious from the beginning; when your stitches accidentally fall off the needle, a single or multi-row dropped stitch in stockinette stitch, garter stitch or seed; a knit where you should have purled; a cable in the wrong direction, a lost yarn-over; and more. Through practice in this class, you will be able to fix a list of common mistakes possibly avoiding the need to start over or throw a garment away.
Some mistakes insidiously get noticed after the sweater is finished, because there was more information to be learned in that swatch you unraveled. Know the information which can help you avoid the problems of stretching or growing, and/or shrinking. Think of that sweater you once made and choose to not wear. This important class promises to arm you with the best information to prevent and fix a variety of mishaps and disappointing results that appear immediately or long after the garment is complete. Instead of consequences being your teacher, this problem-ending class will arm you with techniques to turn you into a confident, successful, target-oriented, and fearless knitter.

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