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Sheila Joynes
Sheila Joynes has a Bachelors of Arts in Art Education from the University of Washington. She teaches at local yarn shops where her classes on Fair Isle fill up quickly. She has developed techniques that make knitting Fair Isle a breeze.
Besides being a freelance designer, Sheila published a book with Leisure Arts, I Can't Believe I'm Fair Isle Knitting. Her designs are seen in Vogue Knitting, Soho Publishing, Creative Knitting, and Simply Shetland.
Sheila loves to teach and believes that learning a new skill makes her students feel good about themselves.

Other things that bring her joy are family, friends, sunshine, nature, a bird singing, and the natural beauty you find in life.

STITCHES West 2014 Classes
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Saturday 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm Sunday 8:30 am - 11:30 am     SOLD OUT
5132 Intermediate Techniques to Make Fair Isle Knitting a Breeze Do your attempts at Fair Isle knitting create a puckered project? The technique taught in this class will show you how to let your stitches breathe—to keep your knitting even without those puckers. You will learn the basics of two-handed stranded technique. Sheila will share a cast-on technique for corrugated ribbing to help prevent those unsightly puckers in your purls.
Do you know where and how to join yarns to prevent having to weave in the endless ends created in Fair Isle? Sheila teaches you the exact spot to add a spit splice so it ends up in the right place for your color change. And when wrapping those carries, Sheila's technique will make your Fair Isle knitting flow like a gentle breeze.
Materials fee: $5.00 for yarn for class project.
Note: This class begins on Friday afternoon and concludes on Saturday morning.

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