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Esther Rodgers
Esther is a full-time fiber artist from Mebane, North Carolina. She is known as a creative art yarn hand spinner and for her unique fiber preparation. Esther is also a felter, weaver, and knitter which gives her the perspective of how her yarns are going to be used. She is constantly innovating in her spinning techniques to create new textures and is on the cutting edge in terms of yarn design. Esther is an enthusiastic and patient teacher possessing both national and international teaching experience.

STITCHES South 2014 Classes
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Friday 8:30 am - 11:30 am
7076 Intermediate Tailspinning: The Long and Short of it! Plus how to use Tailspun Yarns! Tailspun yarns are both intriguing and inspiring, but can be intimidating to attempt spinning. In this class we'll learn the entire process of the making of tailspun yarn: From choosing the locks, washing and dyeing and 3 different techniques to spin them. As a bonus, we will talk about how these tailspun yarns are used in projects. Patterns will be provided, as well as knitted and woven samples will be available for examination and discussion.
Note: you must bring your spinning wheel.
Materials fee: $30 5 oz assortment of tailspinning locks including 1/2 oz of very rare 12" Teeswater.

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