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Jane Slicer-Smith
Jane Slicer-Smith, author of 'Swing,Swagger, Drape: Knit the Colors of Australia, joins STITCHES from her Signatur Handknits studio in Sydney Australia. Jane has a flair for style with garment styling and colors and has created classes themed around her winter 2014 design range. Let her bring some colors to your needles, from simple striped Miters, a color trim for a touch of Chanel style, or easy steps of intarsia and Fair Isle (stranded). She uses cables within many of her designs not just for texture but also styling and loves to take texture into new directions. Jane generously shares hints, tips and techniques which she applies to her ready to wear collections and knitting kit designs each year.

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STITCHES East 2014 ETC Classes
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Sunday 8:30 am - 4:30 pm Monday 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
ETC Intermediate STYLIN', styling, restyling… This 2-day class is the perfect opportunity to take a designer's advice in creating something new. Jane's work is defined by style, color, fit, and look, and yours can be as well.

First, we'll examine 3 or 4 knits you have made and evaluate them with a critical eye—finding successes and failures in each—then discuss changes to insure your next project is perfect for you. You will be directed on how a garment can be personalized to suit your needs and desires. And it won't take a math degree or involve the fashion police!

Be ready to start a new project— something totally different or a re-knit of a previous design— the discoveries and inspiration will have you ready to take on the world (of knitting) a sweater at a time. Bring inspiring yarns and plenty of enthusiasm! Creating something wonderful is only limited by your imagination! Get ready to think about your look— style, color, and fit!