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Deborah Newton
Deborah Newton celebrates over 30-years since the sale of her first sweater design. Her designs have appeared in all the major craft magazines and yarn company publications, along with her articles about various aspects of designing. Her first book Designing Knitwear, in print since 1990, helps knitters develop a process for becoming a designer. In her latest, Finishing School, she shares her expertise on — and love of! — putting sweaters together. She lives in Providence, Rhode Island, where she also works at her family’s business, Maps For The Classroom.

STITCHES East 2014 Classes
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Saturday 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
3088 Easy Swatching for Success Share time with Deborah Newton exploring the huge part swatches play in her design process. Deborah’s swatches are not just for checking gauge; they tell the story of the sweater that is to come. Learn how to swatch in a way that will inspire and improve your own designs. Deborah will bring dozens of swatches from her collection to study. There will be time for some hands-on work as well.

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