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Deborah Jarchow
After many years of teaching knitting and crochet, Deborah discovered weaving in 1996, and her love of fiber, texture, and color came together. Since then she has worked full time as a weaver and artist, including teaching fiber arts, creating and selling wearable art, giving lectures, and showing in local, regional, and national exhibits. Deborah's work has been exhibited at galleries and museums across the country, and she has won numerous awards and written articles for national publications. Her work has been commissioned by churches and is in many private collections. Since 2004 she has been an artist-in-residence, teacher, and weaver at Studio Channel Islands Art Center in Camarillo, CA. 

Deborah loves helping knitters discover the joy of weaving.

For more about Deborah, go to deborahjarchow.com

STITCHES West 2015 ETC Classes
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Sunday 8:30 am - 4:30 pm Monday 9:00 am - 4:00 pm     SOLD OUT
ETC No skills required Pucker Up: Fabulous Effects with Differential Shrinkage in your Handwoven Fabric Have you wondered what happens if you weave wool with yarns that do not felt? Don’t be surprised if your fibers shrink at different rates and cause the cloth to pucker. By planning what fibers to weave together in specific patterns, you can achieve some very exciting effects in your fabric. When the wool shrinks and the cotton, rayon or silk does not, the woven fabric ends up with puckers, puffs, or bumps that can give a unique look to your project. Learn how to plan for the textures that will take your hand-wovens to a whole new level. You will weave the puffy pillow and sew it together in class. We will explore the proper felting process to achieve the effect you want. During the two days, we will discuss various fibers to combine and projects that take advantage of this exciting technique.
Note: Rigid-heddle looms provided for use in class.