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Gayle Roehm
Gayle Roehm is a former management consultant who now devotes herself to
knitting and other fiber arts. She teaches nationally for knitting events, guilds and
yarn shops. Her designs have been featured in Knitter’s, Interweave Knits, A
Gathering of Lace, and other publications. She also sells her work at a fiber arts
gallery. Gayle has traveled throughout the world, lived in Japan, speaks
Japanese and has knitted with Japanese designs for many years. She is the
translator of the "Japanese Knitting Stitch Bible" and "250 Japanese Knitting
Stitches" by Hitomi Shida, "Japanese Knitting" by michiyo, and two more
upcoming books. She published the first information in English about Japanese
patterns in 1997, she prepared the Japanese section for the book Knitting
Languages, and she has translated patterns for Diakeito Yarns/Sunrise Fibers.