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Stephen (West) & Steven(Be)
Stephen West is originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma. After moving to the Chicago area, he caught the knitting bug and started designing patterns while epic amounts of wool infiltrated into his life. There was no looking back. He now lives in Amsterdam and travels frequently teaching knitting workshops throughout the United States and Europe. He creates his own series of popular self-published pattern collections and also designs for Malabrigo Yarns and knitty.com. Westknits books and individual patterns are available wholesale within the U.S. and Canada through Deep South Fibers and in Europe through westknits.eu

Steven Berg is the mastermind behind the innovative StevenBe brand. He is armed with a wealth of experience, a daring sense of style, and a firm belief in the transformative power of creativity that knitting and crocheting offers to all who are brave enough to push the boundaries. You may find him in his Minneapolis studio/yarn shop, StevenBe or on the road inspiring other fiber artists to empower themselves and unleash their inner designers.
Steven has turned knitting tradition on its head. His knitwear designs and fiber mixology have caught the attention of Hollywood celebrities and stylists and have been featured in national publications. His 'there are no mistakes, only variations' attitude inspires knitters around the world to be fearless with their art.

For more about Stephen go to westknits.com and about Steven go to stevenbe.com.