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Anne Berk
Anne Berk was certified by TKGA as a Master Knitter in 2003. She has designed for many yarn companies andhas written patterns and articles for publications including Piecework, Sockupied, ColorKnit, and Twist Collective. Her DVDs, Inside Intarsia and Intarsia InDepth, are produced by Interweave.

Anne has taught classes nationally on subjects ranging from argyle socks to zipper insertion. Next Steps in Intarsia is her Craftsy class. Annetarsia Knits is a reference book for working intarsia flat or in the round, in stockinette or garter stitch.

And all of this is after-hours! Anne is an optometrist in Portland, OR.

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STITCHES West 2017 Classes
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Thursday 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm     SOLD OUT
5241 No skills required Gauge Master Class You know the importance of stitch gauge to manage the fit and size of a garment, but do you know how to gain and use that knowledge? This class will give you tips to efficiently knit and measure your gauge swatches to reveal their secrets for successful knitting results. Stitch, row, and yarn gauges will all be covered, using multiple weights of yarn and needles of different sizes. You will knit swatches and compare your results with classmates to see how gauge differs from knitter to knitter. Learn to use gauge to calculate the amount of yarn needed for any section of your project. Gauge mastery is fun, and you will be amazed at how much you will learn in the process of swatching!
Friday 8:30 am - 11:30 am
1040 Easy Inside Annetarsia: A New Approach to Intarsia Knitting Expand your horizons to conquer non-stranded color knitting. No previous experience with intarsia is required! Learn ways to manage multiple yarns, to read colorwork charts, and to deal efficiently with the ends. You'll develop confidence as you link the yarns between sections and create a flat, single layer of stockinette where YOU control the color. You won't believe how easily you will knit motifs and produce professional results.
Friday 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm     SOLD OUT
1042 Easy Annetarsia: Intarsia in the Round Yes, you can knit intarsia in the round—with no seam! This can be the answer for working a motif on knit socks or hats. Learn techniques to manage yarns, bury ends, and read charts when working non-stranded color work in the round. We will practice with a simple motif. You will be amazed at how quickly and easily you will produce professional results.
Note: Some experience with traditional intarsia and working from color charts will be helpful but is not required.
Saturday 8:30 am - 11:30 am
1065 Intermediate Round and Round We Go! Converting from working flat to circular knitting can be tricky for certain techniques. Learn to work stripes circularly to minimize the appearance of a seam, with several techniques for “jogless jog”, as well as Mattress stitch for when an invisible seam is preferred. We will explore Annetarsia ITR (“In the round”) for intarsia worked circularly, and will cover how to change colors for stranded knitting without having any ends to weave in.
Saturday 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm     SOLD OUT
1066 Intermediate Stranded/Fair Isle Knitting—Improve Your Efficiency Working with 2 colors on the same row can seem slow and confusing. In this class, explore different methods of knitting with 2 yarns at once, to find the best technique for you. While practicing, we will also explore color combinations and design elements that will allow you to customize your knitting and express your creativity.
Sunday 8:30 am - 11:30 am
1067 Intermediate Putting it All Together Learn to combine techniques—intarsia, fair isle, duplicate stitch, and embroidery to customize projects in new ways. Starting with a basic motif, you will decide how to bring it to life with the skills you know. The class will concentrate on intarsia and fair isle for basic fabric, duplicate stitch and embroidery for embellishment. We will learn how to read a chart, and adapt it for embroidery. Many samples, as well as the swatches produced in class, will provide inspiration for creativity.

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