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Steven Berg
Steven Berg is a whirlwind of color and texture and every encounter with him will leave you irrevocably changed, awed, inspired, and ready to tackle a new challenge. Steven's adventurous and fashion-filled life has taken him around the world and back home to Minneapolis where he holds court in his 6,000 square foot firehouse-turned-fiberhouse, StevenBe.

Steven is known for his cavalier attitude toward the rules of the fiber arts, often heard to be pronouncing that "there are no mistakes, only variations." His chunky funky style has made Hollywood and runway knitwear fashions accessible to all knitters and his belief in the transformative power of creativity will have you under his spell and ready to cast on anything you can imagine. With Steven anything is possible!

STITCHES Midwest 2017 Classes
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Thursday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
3141 Easy Big City Knits in a Hot Minute No rules fun, fast, and furious knit and crochet with StevenBe! Capture this season's hot trends right off the runway and make them this weekend! Explore the use of large circular knitting needles and with uber chunky yarns and combinations of fibers that will blow your mind. You will be inspired by his creative use of both traditional and non-traditional fibers and how to use them in unconventional ways.
This workshop is intended to power up your creative juices and boost your imagination into overdrive. You will become comfortable using unconventional yarns with unconventional gauges and needle sizes and cast on simple knits with unusual techniques and Glitter Knitter flair that capture the concept of relaxing and thoroughly enjoying your knitting. Steven will review current trends and hot projects from his designer collections. This fashion and art presentation is interjected with anecdotes from Steven's past in the world of high fashion and the inspiration he finds in his travels around the world. Break free from the rules of the pattern because there's no such thing as mistakes, only variations!
Thursday 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm
5256 Easy Mix Your Six: A Game of Modifications You've heard Steven say it, now experience it: a pattern is only a guideline! Pick six things from our playlist to create your custom Mixify Menu and find playful ways to incorporate them into a base pattern from a StevenBe accessory or garment pattern. Free yourself from the traditional boundaries of the pattern by learning to modify the written instructions to make your imagination come to life. Steven will teach you his famous tips and tricks while you learn to let go and knit with wild creative abandon.
Friday 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm Saturday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
4101 Easy New Perspectives on Unique Garments & Amazing Accessories Broaden your knitting horizons and change your life with StevenBe. This workshop is designed to be an amazing opportunity to have fun while learning Steven’s best tips and tricks. It will set you free from patterns as written and help you feel comfortable making your own modifications and design decisions. Allow StevenBe to help you release the hidden designer within.

Experience the magic of mixology, taking a variety of yarns from different brands, weights, and fiber contents to create magical and unique garments and elaborate accessories (such as the Shawlvest). Start with your own cut-out shape and a base pattern from Steven and learn different methods of creating angles and edges, using modular knitting to add to the shape, adding new colors, and combining fibers in unique ways to customize the pattern and truly make it yours.
Note: This class begins Friday PM and concludes Saturday AM.
Sunday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
3149 Intermediate Whip it into Submission: Personalized Pattern Perfection in 5 easy Steps Found a pattern that’s almost perfect but not quite? The shape is right but the stitch pattern is wrong or the yarn is too boring or the fit is just a little off. Everyone’s been there. Enter StevenBe, master of the substitution. In this workshop, Steven will guide you through taking your pretty darn good pattern and making it perfect with an artful use of short rows, stitch patterns, gauge modifications, yarn substitutions, and other techniques. You will leave this workshop with the confidence and chutzpah it takes to wrangle any pattern into submission and make it obey your every whim.

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