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Robbi Joy Eklow
Robbi Joy Eklow has been making quilts since the great quilt revival in 1976. She's been teaching her methods of making art quilts since 1999 and has been given a reasonable number of awards at national quilt shows. Robbi hand dyes all of the fabric she uses in her quilts. She uses unmarked free motion quilting on her APQS Millennium longarm. She wrote "The Goddess of the Last Minute" a column looking at the life of an art quilter for Quilting Arts Magazine for over a decade, and has written two books on quilting as well as articles for other publishers.

STITCHES Midwest 2017 Classes
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Saturday 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm
No skills required Finding Your Voice Through Fiber Robbi Joy Eklow is a quilter, who likes to knit.

Robbi claims that she isn’t a very good knitter, professing that her skill set leans more toward yarn shopping. Her lovely yarn stash and extensive knitting library are proof. She has completed very few knitting projects due to a very short attention span.

She loves her knitting books because she enjoys looking for color and pattern ideas. When she was exploring Fair Isle designs, it dawned on her that she could use some of those principles in her quilts.

Instead of working knitted rounds, Robbi works concentric fabric circles and creating design rules inspired by Fair Isle. Peeries are replaced with narrow solid-color rings that border larger bands full of colorful repeat patterns. At first, she had planned to change colors a hue at a time, but forgot about it as she became more excited about the process.

Robbi is an award winning quilter. She uses her hand-dyed fabric in her work. She fuses her quilts, so the construction of the tops goes quickly. She then enhances the designs with free-motion quilting.

She’ll bring a selection of quilts to view, perhaps one will inspire you to add another fiber technique to your repertoire. Her process may motivate you to new color depths. Her story may challenge you to approach your work differently.

STITCHES Midwest 2017 Market Session Classes
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Saturday 10:30 am - 11:30 am
XT25 Lecture/Demo Free-Falling Fabric Dyeing In this case, gravity is your friend! I dye all my quilting fabric, but instead of working with dye solution in containers or bags, I hang the fabric up and pour the dye down. With this method every piece is already a work of art. I'll show you how I mix the dye, prepare the fabric, and how cool the dye looks as it flows down the fabric. I'll have finished fabric for you to fondle and offer lots of information on supply sources for dyes, fabric, and tools so you can do this easily at home. We'll even talk about doing this with yarn.

Supplies: None.
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