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Elaine Rowley
Elaine Rowley is the original editor of Knitter’s Magazine, current XRX Books editor, and the R in XRX. It’s not all about the red pen for Elaine. She is fascinated by the techniques and skills that keep knitting fresh and exciting.

STITCHES Midwest 2017 Market Session Classes
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Sunday 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm
TT42 Easy Better-than-brioche Scarf Elise Duvekot’s variant of Knit One Below is an easier and better way to achieve the brioche look. Each row simply alternates knit and knit-one-below stitches. The knit fabric lies flat, making it perfect for blankets, shawls, and this scarf.
Learn the best cast-on and bind-off for K1B fabrics (yes, it matters!), how to find the stitch in the row below on both sides of the work, and how to use the slide maneuver. This class will get you off to a good start—you won’t want to stop, and you'll go home with all you need to know to make this 2-color scarf.