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Melinda Byrd
Melinda Byrd was born into a rya rug family. Her grandparents, Angie and Bill Lundgren, imported Scandinavian rya yarn, backings, and kits at the beginning of the 'mid-century modern' era when Scandinavian design was the rage in the USA.

After learning this centuries-old craft from her grandparents, she continued to develop her skills in designing ryas and has taught off-loom rya classes since 1981.

Through the years, Melinda worked in parks and environmental education centers as a Naturalist, so nature-inspired abstract images are abundant among her designs.

The worldwide resurgence of interest in the off-loom rya craft is reflected in the nearly half million viewers who have watched the YouTube video of her rya work.
Her homebased Byrdcall Studio provides rya supplies.

For more about Melinda, go to byrdcallstudio.com.