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Nicky Epstein
Renowned knitwear designer, Nicky Epstein has gained worldwide recognition for her distinctive, innovative work and informative workshops. She has authored numerous books including the top selling Knitting On The Edge, Knitting Over The Edge, Knitting Beyond The Edge, Nicky Epstein's Knitted Flowers, Knitting On Top Of The World, Knitting In Tuscany, Knitting A Kiss In Every Stitch, and her latest, blockbuster best selling Knitting Block by Block.

Her designs have been featured in many knitting publications, as well as on television and in museums.
She has also expanded her artistic talent by creating a line of designer buttons, clasps, scarves, and artwork, all to be found on her website www.nickyepstein.com

Nicky lives in New York City but travels extensively around the world sharing her love of knitting with countless fans.

For more about Nicky, go to nickyepstein.com

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