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Cindy Craig
Cindy learned to knit while chaperoning Girl Scouts in Norway. As a self-professed knitting geek, she enjoys exploring the technical side of knitting and tinkering with new skills, stitch patterns, knitting patterns, and concepts. Cindy has been teaching professionally in yarn shops, guild events, and knitting shows for more than 10 years. She is the author of The Kids Knitting Notebook and has designs published in Knitter's Magazine, Knitting Today, and Red Heart, in addition to many self-published patterns.

Cindy is the manager of The Studio Knitting & Needlepoint where she loves helping students learn to knit or crochet  and is very skilled at getting students unstuck. She knits everywhere she goes and frequently answers knitting questions on the sidelines of the soccer field, at PTA meetings, or at Scouting events.

STITCHES West 2018 Classes
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Thursday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
2016 Intermediate Seams Made Simple The seams of your garment provide structure and showcase your overall knitting skills. Good seams improve the look of any project. Learn to identify your stitches and rows so you can execute precise seaming techniques. You'll also learn to do perfect shoulder seams, invisible side seams, and sleeve seams.
Thursday 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm     SOLD OUT
6224 Easy Mosaic Madness Mosaic knitting is a great way to jump into 2-color knitting or using one color per pair of rows. Simple stripes become so much more with the addition of slip-stitches. Here's a chance to expand your color work skills. We will explore the concept of mosaic knitting as well as a little history. Students will be exposed to mosaic charts for knitting and use the chart to begin a mosaic cowl.
Sunday 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm
5060 Intermediate Knit Fix Let's face it. We all have a favorite garment or socks that we have just about worn out but can't bear to part with, don't throw it out, let's salvage it for a few more seasons! We will work on repairing holes that result from different problems. We will practice in stockinette stitch and ribbing. This class will increase your understanding of how knit and purl stitches are created and how they relate to each other when mixed in a row.

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