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Shannon & Jason Mullett-Bowlsby
Shannon and Jason Mullett-Bowlsby are the dynamic DIY duo known as the Shibaguyz, and the creative engine behind Shibaguyz Designz Studio.

Their award-winning crochet and knit designs have been featured in publications in the US and abroad; their craft, portrait, and fashion photography has appeared in books and numerous magazines around the globe. The Shibaguyz have published 10 books of crochet and knitwear patterns, among them are Complete Crochet Course - the Ultimate Reference Guidereleased in March of 2018 from Sterling/Lark Publishing, Designer Crochet, and Crochet Geometry.

For more than 20 years, they have been teaching varied subjects from crochet and knitting to photography, spinning, sewing, and quilting. Their enthusiasm, quirky sense of humor, and relatable teaching style make them sought-after teachers in both local and national venues. They also have a wide range of online classes. The "edu-tainment" experience of a Shibaguyz class will leave you informed, empowered, and...in stitches.

Shannon and Jason live in Seattle, Washington with their three Shiba Inu who, more or less, support their ventures as long as enough time is taken for walks and treats.

For more about Shannon and Jason go to ShibaguyzDesignz.com

STITCHES West 2019 Classes
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Thursday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
7121 No skills required Drop It Like It's Hot: Introduction To Spinning with a Drop Spindle Ever since the very first humans noticed that fluffy animals looked warmer than they did, we've been collecting that fluff to turn it into warm coverings for ourselves. Being the crafty creatures we are, after playing with rocks and sticks, we created the perfect tool for turning fluff into yarn and invented the drop spindle...TA DAAA!!!

A lot has changed since those days but one thing has remained...how much we LOVE yarn. Right? Right!

Now, imagine being able to make your own custom yarn for your crochet, knitting, and weaving projects. Yes, in this class we're gonna grab some fluff and a drop spindle (a slightly more advanced stick) and make yarn!

This hands-on experience is for beginners who want to know how to make their own yarn with a simple drop spindle. We'll start with the basics of how to transform fluff into yarn, then we'll dive right in and play with the fuzzy stuff. WOOHOO!

Come prepared to learn and have fun! As a beginner it is completely expected that you will drop your spindle, knot your yarn, laugh, and possibly even use a few words those first humans didn't know. But, by the end of class you will have made your very first sample of custom-made yarn. Welcome to the club...

Materials fee: $20 includes spindle and yarn
Friday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm     SOLD OUT
9093 Easy Something Boro'd, Something New Boro is the hot new trend in hand sewing that embraces both sustainable fashion and the slow stitching movement. Okay... so Boro isn't a new technique by any means. In fact, it dates back to 17th Century Japan where folks repaired their garments and household items with scraps of fabric. We know this from pieces passed down through generations that were made more durable and enriched visually with each mend and additional patch.

We're going to use the fabric-piecing principles of Boro and the associated Sashiko hand-sewing skills to take our own scraps of fabric and make something FAB and new! In fact, in this class we're going to create a new panel of unique fabric from seemingly unusable fabric remnants and odd pieces. We'll learn to match up suitable fabric pieces by embracing the principle of Wabi-sabi to create a beautifully imperfect textile. Then, we'll use the "little jabs" of Sashiko hand-sewing to bind those pieces together into fabric that can be used to enhance a favorite garment, accessory, or home decor item; used by itself as your own personal work of fiber art; or used as the basis for a larger project like a quilt top. We'll get you started with the skills you need to take it from there!
Beginners encouraged! No sewing experience necessary! Even if you have never done any hand sewing and never fused two pieces of fabric together with a needle and thread, this is the class for you! And, if you've always wanted to try but were intimidated by traditional quilting techniques, Boro is the perfect art form for you. This highly accessible technique for creating textiles is perfect for the maker who is ready to try their hand at something new and exciting that takes your creative expression to new heights.
As a one-off class, this is a unique opportunity to explore hand sewing and quilting or use this as a jumping off point to explore more and join those of us who are more than a little obsessed with the versatility of this technique when used for mending, quilting, and creating works of art.
Saturday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
8069 Easy Couture Finishing for Knit and Crochet Master sewists and finishers work for years perfecting their finishing skills, and are sought out by couture designers for those skills to give their work the flawless finish it deserves.

You've worked hard to make your knit and crochet skills the best they can be so you can produce FAB fabrics for your handmade projects. Now it's time to bring your finishing skills up to the next level.

There is no arguing the point that FAB finishing is the key to producing handmade projects that stand out from the crowd. In Couture Finishing, we share the professional finishing skills we use every day in our design studio to create the Shibaguyz Designz line of crochet and knit garments, accessories, and home decor. The professional finishing secrets learned from years and years of couture hand-sewing will be revealed to YOU! You will be able to use these techniques to take your skills from good to great...even FAB!

We will break down each step of the finishing process from blocking to weaving in ends to flawless seaming and make the finishing process just as much fun as the stitching. Imagine your satisfaction when you stand back and look at the flawless finishing that makes your project look like it was made by the hands of a pro!

Yup...we're going to share it all!

Understanding and application of professional finishing techniques
* Blocking
* End Cap Finishing Stitch
* Locking Mattress Stitch and Mattress Stitch for sewing invisible seams
* Setting in uneven seams (like sleeve caps!)
* Setting in the perfect zipper and customizing zipper length
Sunday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
1135 No skills required CSI: The Yarn Edition What it’s all about!

With all possible combinations of fiber content, yarn weight, stitch patterns, and hook and needle sizes, it is a seemingly insurmountable task to know exactly what yarns to use for which projects. In fact, with just those variables alone, you could be searching and swatching forever and never get a project started! That’s where we come in. We’ll explore the unique qualities of various fiber content from synthetics to natural and everything in-between. Then we’ll see how those combinations work within the finished yarn weights to create the fabrics you crave.
We’ll bring samples and give you insider info from a design studio that specializes in creating crochet and knit fabrics. We'll tear apart skeins and deconstruct the yarns to understand what makes them special and why they act like they do. What makes one wool itchy and hard, while another is soft and squishy? You’ll be able to swatch up a storm experimenting with different yarn weights and types and using hooks and needles to create fabrics. We’ll even throw in our own patterns for “evolving stitches” that we use for testing new yarns and fabrics in our studio.
Have a question about your own yarn? Bring it on! We’ll answer your questions about the yarn you have in your stash or that you’ve spun up yourself. The more examples, the better!
Understand how different synthetic and natural fibers react when made into yarn and the resulting fabrics they create. Understand how different weights of yarn becomes fabric and how to create vastly different fabrics from the same yarn. Apply that knowledge to your own projects so you can pick appropriate yarns for FAB results.