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Jeffrey Wall
Jeffrey Wall is co-owner of Wall of Yarn, a LYS in Freeport, IL. Jeffrey and his husband also import and distribute Rauma yarns from Norway. He translates Rauma's knitting and crochet patterns from Norwegian into English. Jeffrey specializes in Scandinavian knitting and teaches classes throughout the Midwest.

For more about Jeffrey, go to theyarnguys.com.

STITCHES West 2019 Classes
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Friday 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
4119 Intermediate Selbu Mittens After a quick look at the history and construction of the Norwegian Selbu mittens, you'll learn the process as you knit a mini-mitten: knitting a ribbed or lace cuff, increasing for the thumb gusset, casting on new stitches after the thumb-hole opening, decreasing for the mitten tip, and picking up stitches to work the thumb. We'll also discuss color dominance and how to hold yarn when working with two colors per round.

Note: Students should be comfortable working with DPNs. Magic loop or the 2-circular method for knitting in the round are possible but not recommended for this class.

STITCHES West 2019 Market Session Classes
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Saturday 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm
TT52 Intermediate Jogless Stripes When knitting stripes in the round (think socks, hats, mittens, pullovers), you want the colors to join smoothly with no jog. Practice the secret to jogless stripes as you work a small sample. Seamless AND jogless is a beautiful thing!
Note: Students must already be familiar with knitting in the round.
Supplies: DK or fingering-weight 100% wool yarn will be provided. If  allergic to wool, please bring practice amounts of at least 2 colors.
Please bring a set of DPNs or circular needles
in size 3.0mm/US2.5 for fingering OR 4.0mm/US6 for DK-weight yarns for your preferred method of knitting in the round over a small number of stitches.
Sunday 11:30 am - 12:30 pm
TT54 Intermediate Steeks Demystified Steeks are the way to put openings into knitted tubes (necks, armholes, cardigan openings, etc.). Yes, they do involve cutting your piece of knitting, but fear not! This lecture/demo will cover the process step-by-step from how to cast on, different ways to work the steek stitches, blocking, sewing, or crocheting to secure the stitches, cutting, picking up stitches for steek bands, and finishing. You'll work on a single-color sample in class. A bonus stranded pattern is provided to try out the full technique at home.