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Jeane deCoster
Long-retired model, fashion designer, and never-retired yarn and knitting junky, Jeane deCoster started her yarn company (Elemental Affects) over a decade ago. She tells people that she just wanted to make a better yarn, but she secretly wants to convert every sock knitter to a garment knitter and loves sharing her experience of how a sweater that fits properly can flatter any figure. To do this, she has developed several techniques that make it easy to be confident that you CAN knit (and assemble) a sweater that fits and flatters.

For more about Jeane, go to elementalaffects.com

STITCHES West 2019 Classes
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Friday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
1123 No skills required What Not to Knit "I don't like rules about body types because no matter what, we can each find something wrong with our body. Attaching labels just makes it worse. If our hand-knit garments don't fit or flatter us, we don't feel good wearing them. So we gift them or stash them away and may not feel like trying again.

Let's decide "What not to knit (or crochet)" with a personalized fit analysis for each student. Along the way, I will share guidelines (not rules) about ease, length, neck, and shoulder lines that you might use to knit to crochet a more successful garment for yourself.

All sizes, genders, shapes and curves are welcome! Any level knitting and crochet experience will benefit from this class.
Friday 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
1194 Easy Save that Sweater! When we knit a sweater and it doesn't look fabulous once we wear it, we think we've knit a disaster and are ready to abandon it. *Nine out of ten times, the problem is how it fits—or even more simply— how you wear or style it. Before you rip it out or give it away, come to class, and bring up to 3 of those “disasters" for salvation. With one-on-one attention and group participation, everybody will learn how to fix disasters and avoid repeating them. That's right! Have an open mind and you'll leave class prepared to start knitting with the confidence to evaluate the problems before they arise. The results will be fabulous looking sweaters made with a couple of tweaks and a more seasoned eye. (*Of course, the 10th time may be an actual technical problem but don't worry – we can learn to fix it, too!)
Saturday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm     SOLD OUT
1124 No skills required Good Fit Make sure your garments will fit before you cast on!

I walk you through how to fit a sweater pattern before you start knitting or crocheting. We will begin with the schematic; it is a valuable part of any printed pattern. Because it is so small, it is often overlooked. We will turn it into a full-size rendition, analyze it, and then insert knitter's graph paper at the armhole, neck and shoulder to understand the shaping. We will see which measurements matter, and how this varies by style: drop, modified, set-in, and raglan.

You'll learn how to make that full-size schematic into a quick mock-up to test the fit . We will discuss how gauge, ease, and drape play into the mix for sweater success.

This is a hands-on class and you will leave with a custom fitted pullover pattern.

Note: Must have already knitted a sweater of any size and be comfortable with sewing/garment pattern concepts -- even if you haven't used either in a long time.
Saturday 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
1195 Easy Seam Busters! Who's afraid of a little ole' seam?! In all honesty, seams are a true blessing in sweater design. They make fitting sweaters less stressful, and provide opportunities for easy alterations and tweaks to a pattern.

Come try easy tricks that make seaming simple. We'll practice on a variety of swatches and yarns and you'll go home with notes and skills for (simple) changes you can apply to any sweater pattern. And yes, we'll even talk about how and when eliminating a seam or two might be a good thing! Soon you will look at seams as a friendly approach to alterations, after all that's how the pros customize garment fit.