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Beth Whiteside
A former software professional, Beth now mixes her enthusiasm for instruction and illustration, writing and editing, and design of all kinds in the world of things made with string as Beth Whiteside Design. She's taught classes locally in the San Francisco Bay Area since 2003, nationally at events like STITCHES since 2005, and online at Annie's Craft Store and Craftsy/Bluprint. Her goal in creating and teaching classes is to further each student's knowledge and skill, opening their mind to new creative possibilities. Her instructional style takes into account the many ways we learn and breaks class content down into manageable chunks that build on one another. Beth's love of teaching is driven by a search for the 'Aha!' moment and she revels in finding new ways to make those light bulbs turn on in her student's heads.

STITCHES Salt Lake 2019 Classes
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Thursday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
1218 Intermediate Stripes of the Circular Type Stripes add pizzazz to everything they adorn. So let's put them on our hats, socks, skirts-all the things we make in the round, not just projects worked flat back and forth. In this follow up class to Stripes of All Types, you'll learn how to carry yarns not in use neatly on the wrong side and two ways to minimize the dread "jog" where the ends of a round meet. Experiment with putting bands of color on the magical single-surface shape called a mobius, a cylinder with a twist. Try helix, or "barber-pole," knitting, a great solution for working spirals of color with truly jogless striping. You'll learn about principles of contrast and repetition, and some practical strategies for creating stripe patterns. Let's make stripes in the round!
Thursday 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
1401 Intermediate Alternative Brioche: Knit One Below Brioche, Fisherman's rib, Shawl stitch, Oriental rib or whatever they are called, these fabrics are thick, fluffy, stretchy, and often wonderfully colorful to boot. Come explore the Knit-one-below method of working these stitch patterns! Learn the basic moves for both knit- and purl- one-below, the best cast-ons and bind-offs for this fabric, options for edge stitches, and how to read and work several stitch "k1b" stitch patterns. Gain an understanding of the stitch structure as you practice knitting and un-knitting k1b/p1b stitches, and learn other ways to fix mistakes. This alternative brioche option is practical and valuable for your stitch-making stockpile!

Note: Students should be able to long-tail cast-on, knit, purl, yarn over (yo), and bind off before taking this class.