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Catherine Redford
Explorations in Folk Art Stitchery
Camp STITCHES - Destination Saddlbrook

Catherine Redford

English-born Catherine Redford learned to knit, sew, and embroider at an early age, keeping her family’s Barbie dolls and action men well-dressed. After relocating to Naperville, Illinois, she discovered a new passion. Now Catherine is an award-winning quilter, active member of her local guilds and co-founder of the Naperville Modern Quilters Guild, and teacher at local and national levels with two DVDs and a book on modern machine quilting techniques. Her exhibit, Trip Around the World in FolkArt Stitches, a collection of ten hand-embroidered quilts debuted at International Quilt Festival in 2017. The upsurge of interest in hand stitching is keeping her schedule full and her fingers flying.

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Whether you are a seasoned stitcher or just looking to try something new, there will be something for you in this exploration of my favorite hand-stitching techniques. We’re labeling this class Folk Art stitchery because it is embroidery and so much more: planning, stitching, and embellishing a motif; attaching it to a pre-pieced silk background from India; then adding Kantha-style quilting to bring it all together.

Day one will begin with the basics: thread, needles, and fabrics. There will be choices to be made so that you can work on a project as unique as you are.

We’ll continue with a lesson on my favorite embroidery stitches, which you can practice on your selected motif (for me, this was the elephant and the butterfly).

On day two we’ll introduce embellishments. You may or may not want to add beads or buttons to your piece, but if you do, we’ll make sure they are stitched on securely! And we’ll try a little English Paper piecing.

On day three we will begin to work on a background for our embroidery with an introduction to Kantha-style quilting (the pieced background gives a jump start). Beaded edge treatments are always fun and we will learn several techniques designed to add sparkle to your work.

You’ll go home with a piece in progress and a slew of ideas for the future. I love hand-stitching and I want all my students inspired by our fun-filled, action-packed time together!

Optional homework: Find a motif or design you would like to make into a small hand-stitched piece (an animal, flower, paisley), resize it to fit an 8” square and bring as a black and white copy (the easiest way is just to visit a copy shop) OR select from designs inspired by nature and traditional folk art that Catherine will bring.

Materials fee: $35 for fabrics, threads, needles, and embellishments to be used in class; all you need to bring is a sharp scissors, a few pins, a thimble if you like to use one (I don’t), and pen and paper for notes.