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Patty Lyons
Knit Faster, Better, and more Beautifully:
Expand your knitter’s toolbox

Do you want to improve your knitting speed, efficiency, comfort? To improve the look and consistency of your fabric? Learn the secret to happy knitting... that you need more than one knitter’s tool in your knitter’s toolbox.

In this fabulous “try-them-all class”, we will have time to explore everything about our knitting from proper stitch formation, to yarn tensioning, to stitch sizing. We’ll learn the difference between a knitting style and a knitting method, and along the way we will explore a variety of knitting styles (English, Continental, and Portuguese) as well as understand different knitting methods (Eastern, Western, and Combination). Finally, we will learn knitting and purling back backwards—an extremely useful trick that can be done in any knitting method or style.

We will explore in-depth the ways you would combine styles and methods to achieve certain effects in your fabric or while working certain techniques. And, of course, Patty will give individual tips and coaching on how to improve your knitting style and method!

We may also play around with different cast-on and bind-off methods, along with some of Patty’s favorite tricks for doing certain increases and decreases better, faster, and more easily.

You should know the basics of knitting, including long-tail cast-on.

As a nationally recognized teacher and technique expert, Patty Lyons is known for explaining the ‘why,’ not just the ‘how,’ in her pursuit of training the ‘mindful knitter.’ She specializes in sweater design and sharing her love of the much-maligned subjects of gauge and blocking.

For more about Patty, go to pattylyons.com