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Rick Mondragon, Editor
Take it from the top
Days are getting shorter, darker, cooler. And nothing can chase the blues quicker than needles and yarn. Ask any knitter. There are times when a simple project frees us to ponder more pressing matters; at other times, a pattern engages us so thoroughly that we concentrate on it rather than other concerns. This issue gives you both—projects that come together quickly and others that take time—and each will provide plenty of gratification.
Seams like fun
I-cords—those made by you or one of the new I-cord yarns—can be seamed together for fun accessories. These unusual gems do not even require knitting needles! They are perfect for non-knitters—as long as they are willing to sew long seams. Spirals & seams will grow from I-cord yarn into a hat and scarf. Spirals & scribbles takes yarn through an I-cord maker, seams it into a hat with a spiral edge, and pairs it with an openwork scarf.

The Spice braid is a fast and fun knit. This 72-inch, bulky, cable scarf is grafted into a circle for neck-hugging warmth.

Knitter’s has you collared
Keeping your focus round the neck, Reds rounds & ridges plays with stockinette and reverse stockinette rings of color. Here is a chance to master working in the round and placing increases strategically. The poncho will top your jacket or coat, or tuck inside as a cozy cowl. Opt for Scallops in mink, where a wavy lace grows into a circular collar that can chase away the chill or accent a turtleneck.

Artichoke twist, Harvest jewels, and Ribbon-o-round place the knitting interest at the top of the sweater. These round-yoke cardigans offer adventures with cables, Fair Isle, or simple stripes. Cables in camel means business with a sideways knit cabled yoke, and accompanied by skinny ribs. Over a pair of tights and boots, this tunic can take you from the office to 5-o’clock cocktails. Change to heels and evening accessories, and move on to dinner and dancing.

Aztec plaid takes five colors and places them in a trellis-like stranded pattern. The color arrangement changes for each section of the vest, then is highlighted with an asymmetrical collar. 
Lace? Oh yeah! Start with a cowl. Add a jacket or duster. Mulberry cascade features interlocking leaves that scale up in size as they travel down the length of the piece. 

Try angles
Triangle shawls can be constructed easily as in Two to triangle. We provide this allover lace shawl with options to mix in a bit—or a lot—of lace and garter stitch for additional looks. Triangle junction is a series of nine triangles, built one at a time and finished with a lace edge. Because we choose great handpainted yarns, these will be fun and unique wraps to weather the season.

Take me anywhere is a large-needle, one-piece beauty with minimal shaping and built-in edgings that form diagonals and chevrons. 

I have a cable for you
Our cover cardigan is a play of color blocking and texture. The contrasting bands and raglan cables offer a festive salute to Autumn delight.  The companion pullover, Woodsman, combines solids with a coordinating marl for quiet sophistication with rugged appeal. Or deepen the color options with Copper & Walnut; the hint of cables at the raglan shaping amuses the knitter and adds style to the knit.

Elegantly appointed
Every woman wants wardrobe options that are classic and elegant. Entrelac & old lace gives you a skirt for work or play. Begin with entrelac and then flow into a scallop lace—cleverly shaped with yarn-over increases that are twisted for a few rows and left open for the rest. The Azure tunic is full of twists and turns and will show your knitting prowess while flattering your figure.

Once your day is done, don Emerald blocks. The jacket is perfect over a basic black dress and resplendent with a crush of pearls. Haori on the side adds an Asian influence to dressy events—day or night. If layers are too much to handle, pair an elegant shell with the Flirty flapper and dance your cares away.

Trellis & fins revisits the triangle drapes from One skirt 3 ways in our last issue. Adding this top provides a dressy 2-piece knit. On its own, it tops jeans—or anything else—beautifully.
No matter the temperature, great knits can get you thinking warm thoughts and with those, you’ll feel on top of the world.
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Keep stitching.