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K105 • Winter
Playing with knits
and purls offers the
ability to create the fabrics and shapes that you love. Mix in a few clever ideas—beads, lace, or I-cord—and you are on the road to creating stunning pieces.

From the Editor
Knitting Universe
A tiny beaded swatch taught her that it’s all about the process, not the idea;  that technique can lead to creativity; ...  Read more
Shaping in Lace
Lacy Afternoons
... evenings
Round and rounds
Lace Shaping:
Our feature article not only talks about how lace shaping, but gives rules and details (in graphs and charts) for working necklines and raglan while maintaining a lace pattern.
Classic looks filled with individuality that only hand knitting can provide.
Great projects use I-cord yarns.
Geometry lessons
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