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If you don't know about Barbara and Knitted Knockers Support Foundation (a 501(c)3) nonprofit run entirely by volunteers), we'd like to tell you about her/them.

In 2011 Barbara was diagnosed with breast cancer. While struggling with the shock of the news, she was initially self conscious and embarrassed that she needed to have a mastectomy… so she avoided telling many  of her friends. Those that she did tell, she was quick to add that she was going to be immediately reconstructed. Well, it didn’t turn out that way. Due to complications she had to go to plan B which involved an implant and tissue expansion. She was at a loss as to what to wear to appear “normal,” so that she could get back to work. She called the local cancer society and asked about acquiring a prosthesis. The woman replied, “Oh honey, you can’t put anything on that scar for at least six weeks”. SIX WEEKS!!!!! What was she going to do for six weeks? She had work to get back to, life to live. That was the first time she cried.

Through a series of very random and interesting events, Barb found out about the possibility of a knitted prosthesis. Her first set of ’knitted knockers’ was knit and delivered to her by her friend, Phyllis—in a Victoria Secret bag :-). She took them right into the bathroom stall and stuck one in her bra. “It was FABULOUS,” said Barb! “It was light, pretty, soft and fit in my own bra perfectly. I took off my jacket and knew right then that I wanted to make these available to other women going through the same situation. I thought, “what if my doctor had real knitted knockers to give to women rather than only having a photocopied picture on a sheet of paper to show them?”

Since then she has organized a group of volunteers to supply their local doctors with Knitted Knockers. In 2014, she was recognized by the Susan G. Koman Foundation and US Bowling Congress and received national attention for
knittedknockers.org. Her vision has grown to connect volunteer knitters and crocheters with breast cancer survivors everywhere… so that everyone has a “Phyllis” in their life.

Knitted Knockers Support Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit run entirely by volunteers. No one is getting paid. While they do what they do because they care, the simple fact is it takes money to send out the thousands of knitted knockers being provided throughout the United States and the world. Their postage alone costs $55,000 a year not counting the packaging, stuffing, print materials, etc. They are currently providing over 1,000 per month and supporting 1,200 medical clinics. They estimate the cost of providing one knocker to be about $5. A donation of $20 provides a pair of knockers to two women. They couldn't do what they do without the thousands of wonderful volunteer knitters giving freely of their time and talents to make the knockers. Just as importantly the gracious donation of funds enables them to bring these gifts of comfort to thousands of grateful recipients. 

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Who/What is Knitted Knockers & What's Going On?

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Super Fan Knocker Challenge Sponsors...

XRX, Inc./STITCHES.events partnered with Knitted Knockers Support Foundation for a year-long fundraising campaign that is coming to a close. We’re called it the Super Fan Knocker Challenge.

This Challenge was for EVERYONE!

Participants that created knocker entries were encouraged to use any medium or crafting style they wanted. They could be knit, crocheted, sewn, etc. -  use their favorite technique! They were not meant to be functional. They were made to be fun!

The deadline for submitting entries into the Knitted Knockers Super Fan Challenge has passed. The 20 finalist have been chosen and will be on display at STITCHES West 2020 where they will be judged in the three main catagories… ‘Most Creative’, ‘Most Inspirational’, and ‘Why The Heck Not?’.

You can still participate. Those finalists have been posted online for a fourth ‘Peoples Choice’ category. Please click here to go to that page and choose your favorite to win that catagory

The winners will split thousands of dollars in prizes and cash (each winner will receive at least $1000 worth of cash and/or prizes) from our generous Super Fan Knocker Challenge Sponsors (please see the logos of those sponsors below).

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You are not limited to one entry. Every $20 donation into the Challenge gives you an additional entry into the STITCHES VIP Prize Package Raffle. Not only is donating $20 a good thing to do for this wonderful organization, you might win a STITCHES Getaway of a life time.

We hope you'll consider
entering the
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Together we can make a difference. This is going to be great! Thank you in advance for your support of Knitted Knockers!

Good Luck!