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05/05/13 12:12 pm
by BenjaminXRX on 05/05/13 12:12 pm
We've Got A Group on Ravelry!

Hello Fiber Hooligans!

I wanted to let you all know that my friend, Tammy Burke, has started a Ravelry Group called Fiber Hooligans!

I want to thank Tammy for her efforts. I have to be honest… I was completely unmotivated to do this. And now that it's there, I do find myself checking in on it at least twice a day and participating in the discussions.

So thank you to Tammy. And thank you to everyone that's joined the group so far (as well as those of you who might join now that you know it's there - smile).

So I guess I'll see you on Ravelry.

All my best.

Benjamin Levisay
Fiber Hooligan

P.S. Here is the Ravlery group link (below).

05/04/13 11:11 pm
by BenjaminXRX on 05/04/13 11:11 pm
Benjamin's guest on this week's edition of Fiber Hooligan was Myra Wood... fiber artist, both a knit and crochet wear designer, and author of her self-published books, Crazy Lace and Creative Crochet Lace. She has been published in numerous magazines. She's appeared on TV shows including Knitty Gritty & Knit and Crochet Now. She teaches a wide range of inspiring knit and crochet classes for STITCHES Expos and Craftsy.com. Myra joined the show from Los Angels, CA.

Before Benjamin introduced Myra, he talked about the winner and the process for the guest co-hooligan contest. Here's what he had to say before he introduced his guest co-hooligan for this edition of Fiber Hooligan...

  "Before I welcome my guest, I'd like to welcome my guest co-hooligan to the show. Three week ago I started a contest asking for submissions for listeners, like you, to tell me why you should be my guest co-host on this episode.
04/22/13 7:07 pm
by BenjaminXRX on 04/22/13 7:07 pm
Benjamin's guest on this week's edition of Fiber Hooligan was Drew Emborsky (a.k.a. The Crochet Dude™)... designer, teacher, and an icon in the fiber arts world. Drew joined the show from Houston, TX.

Benjamin welcomed Drew to the show and they talked briefly about the weather (Benjamin complained a bit about the snow) and STITCHES South 2013 which they had just attended the previous week.

Drew talked about learning to crochet from his mother and how he got into the industry--one thing leading to another--until Drew eventually became The Crochet Dude™.

Drew and Benjamin discussed a great many things during the podcast.
04/08/13 3:03 pm
by BenjaminXRX on 04/08/13 3:03 pm
Benjamin's guest on this week's edition of Fiber Hooligan was designer, teacher, podcaster, and entrepreneur… Marlania Bird who joined the show from Denver, CO.

Benjamin welcomed Marly to Fiber Hooligan and reminisced about when they first met (kind of a funny story).

Benjamin and Marly talked about the upcoming STITCHES South show.

Marly talked about how she got into the industry from the world of finance. She talked about some of the people that she has designed for… most notably Bijou Basin Ranch (for which she eventually became their creative director).

Marly talked about the way she approaches designing.

Marly and Benjamin talked more about Carl & Elieen from Bijou Basin Ranch and how much fun they are.

Marly talked about her teaching at STITCHES and Craftsy.com.
04/01/13 11:11 pm
by BenjaminXRX on 04/01/13 11:11 pm
Benjamin's guests on this week's edition of Fiber Hooligan were Mary-Heather Cougar and Christina Bain from Team Ravelry.

Before the show started Benjamin played a little April Fools joke on his listeners with the help of Drew Emborksy. You can download and listen to their little intro joke HERE.

Benjamin welcomed Mary-Heather who joined the show from Albequirque, MN and Christina who joined the show from Austin, TX.

Mary-Heather talked about the history and the philosophy of Ravelry.
03/25/13 4:04 pm
by BenjaminXRX on 03/25/13 4:04 pm
The guests on the third episode of Fiber Hooligan were BeLinda Creech of Elephants Remember Joplin, Pamela Haschke of Halos of Hope, and Marion Rose from the Atlanta Knitting Guild. And they talked  about their 'Under the Sea for Kids' campaign - a hat and toy bombing for children who are being treated for cancer at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta - Egleston & Scottish Rite as part of the program for STITCHES South 2013 in just a little over two weeks.

Benjamin started off the show welcoming and thanking his listeners. And then he read some listener e-mail. Most notably, there was a question of about whether or not Fiber Hooligan should have it's own Ravelry group. Benjamin asked that listeners let him know if they think there should or should not be a Fiber Hooligan Ravelry group.

Benjamin then introduced his three guests, each in turn and talked a bit about his part work with each of them.
03/18/13 3:03 pm
by BenjaminXRX on 03/18/13 3:03 pm
The guest on the second episode of Fiber Hooligan was Rick Mondragon, editor of Knitter's Magazine.

Rick has been knitting for over 40 years and he has been the editor of Knitter's Magazine for the last 13 years. He is an artist and a designer. He is also Benjamin's co-host at STITCHES.

Benjamin started off the show welcoming everyone. And then he thanked his listeners.

Benjamin then introduced Rick Mondragon who joined him from his office in Sioux Falls, SD. Rick spoke about doing some quilting and some knitting over the weekend.
03/11/13 3:03 pm
by BenjaminXRX on 03/11/13 3:03 pm
The first guest on the premiere episode of Fiber Hooligan was Debbie Macomber.
  Debbie Macomber is a #1 New York Times bestselling author and one of today’s most popular writers with more than 170 million copies of her books in print worldwide. Macomber brings to life the compelling relationships that comprise family, community and enduring friendships, filling her readers with a sense of love and hope.

Macomber is the author of more than 100 novels, most recently The Inn at Rose Harbor, and Angels at the Table; two bestselling cookbooks; numerous inspirational and nonfiction works; two acclaimed children’s books and the beloved and bestselling series of novels set in Cedar Cove, Washington on which CEDAR COVE, Hallmark Channel’s first dramatic scripted television series, is based. She is the first-ever recipient of the “readers’ choice” Quill Award for Romance Fiction.