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03/25/16 5:05 pm
by BenjaminXRX on 03/25/16 5:05 pm
As some of you have already figured out, it is almost impossible to login to your KnittingUniverse.com account and download a digital version (PDF) of one of our Knitter's Magazine back issue PDFs or one of our XRX Books PDFs directly onto your iPad or iPhone via the iOS Safari app.

We apologize for the inconvenience… but this is actually not entirely our fault. There appears to be an undocumented file size limit for PDFs that can be downloaded through the iOS version of Safari before it errors out. In our testing we were able to consistently get PDFs that were 60 Mb and smaller through Safari and successfully into another app (like iBooks or Acrobat Reader).

It is our fault that some of our PDFs are as large as they are. Our new Knit My Skirt PDF, for instance, is 129 Mb. We reduced that book as much as we could. But we decided not to compromise on quality.