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Myra Wood - Fiber Hooligan Show Notes
05/04/13 11:11 pm
by BenjaminXRX on 05/04/13 11:11 pm
Benjamin's guest on this week's edition of Fiber Hooligan was Myra Wood... fiber artist, both a knit and crochet wear designer, and author of her self-published books, Crazy Lace and Creative Crochet Lace. She has been published in numerous magazines. She's appeared on TV shows including Knitty Gritty & Knit and Crochet Now. She teaches a wide range of inspiring knit and crochet classes for STITCHES Expos and Craftsy.com. Myra joined the show from Los Angels, CA.

Before Benjamin introduced Myra, he talked about the winner and the process for the guest co-hooligan contest. Here's what he had to say before he introduced his guest co-hooligan for this edition of Fiber Hooligan...


"Before I welcome my guest, I'd like to welcome my guest co-hooligan to the show. Three week ago I started a contest asking for submissions for listeners, like you, to tell me why you should be my guest co-host on this episode. Nine people entered. These nine were slimmed down into three finalist… Deb Buckinghan who is the author of Dishcloth Diva, Mary Sarnese who is a fiber enthusiast and has also done some designing, and Carrie McKie who owns The Yarn Seller in York, Maine. All three of these finalist auditioned on their own closed test podcast, interviewing my good friend Jeannie Randolph from Fiesta Yarns. On Friday night, my judges listened to each of the podcasts. They found all three finalists interesting and fun to listen to. After much deliberation, my judges chose Mary Sarnese as my guest co-hooligan. So Mary joins us today from Barrie, Ontario. Good Morning, Mary… and welcome to the show."

Benjamin and Mary took turns asking Myra about the following topics (and more)...
  • They talked about Myra's own personal history and how she got started.
  • They talked what motivates and inspires Myra.
  • They talked about her work environment and a typical day for Myra.
  • They talked about Myra's Crafty.com classes and how she got started with those folks.
  • They talked about Myra's history with STITCHES... including the time she fell of the stage during opening day.
  • Myra talked about her thoughts about knitters vs. crocheters when it comes to education and the classes that she teaches at STITCHES.
  • They dicussed Myra's work against puppy mills.
  • Myra talked about getting involved with charies and guilds.
  • Benjamin & Myra talked at length about Pam from Halos of Hope.
  • Myra talked about her graphics background.
  • Myra talkda bout her two self-published books.
  • Benjamin set her up for the big reveal... that she is currently working on a book with XRX Book due to be published next year.
  • Myra talked a little about the book and about how much she enjoyed the process. 

And the end of the interview, Mrya told us all how lucky she was to be in this industry.

Benjamin thanked Mary and Myra for being on the show.


The quote of the show came from Mary when, during the course of the interview, she just said to Myra... "You're just a breath of fresh air.!" To which Benjamin agreed.

Benjamin closed the show with usual parting message… "I'd like to wish you all a glorious week," Benjamin said. "Remember… the only thing better than being creative is being kind to each other. The good news… you can do both. Thank you. I'll see you next week on another edition of Fiber Hooligan."

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Benjamin Levisay is the CEO of XRX, Inc… home of Knitter's Magazine, XRX Books, and STITCHES Expos. You can visit their website,
http://KnittingUniverse.com or their Facebook page, http://Facebook.com/KnittingUniverse. You can also find Benjamin online on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, & Ravelry as BenjaminXRX

Upcoming Broadcast…

On the
next edition of Fiber Hooligan, Benjamin's guest will
be Nathania Apple, co-owner of Purlescence Yarns in Sunnyvale, California. Her designs have appeared in Knitty, Twist Collective, Blue Moon Fiber Arts, and on Ravelry.com. Her passion for color & texture meet in the intricate workings of lace, cables & colorwork. Nathania is an award-winning image consultant, certified color designer, and yoga instructor. When not in the shop, she spends time with her husband, three daughters, and three dogs in downtown San Jose?and teaching Yoga Tune Up®, a therapeutic yoga technique.

She'll be talking with us about what it's like to run a yarn shop, her philosophies on the industry, her approach toward customer service & building a community, and about a charity project that she's working on in her store with her partners. Everyone who meets Nathania falls in love with her… and if you tune in next week, you will too.

You won't want to miss this episode.