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Announcement - Fiber Hooligan has a Ravelry Group!
05/05/13 12:12 pm
by BenjaminXRX on 05/05/13 12:12 pm
We've Got A Group on Ravelry!

Hello Fiber Hooligans!

I wanted to let you all know that my friend, Tammy Burke, has started a Ravelry Group called Fiber Hooligans!

I want to thank Tammy for her efforts. I have to be honest… I was completely unmotivated to do this. And now that it's there, I do find myself checking in on it at least twice a day and participating in the discussions.

So thank you to Tammy. And thank you to everyone that's joined the group so far (as well as those of you who might join now that you know it's there - smile).

So I guess I'll see you on Ravelry.

All my best.

Benjamin Levisay
Fiber Hooligan

P.S. Here is the Ravlery group link (below)