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K110 with Rick Mondragon & More - Show Notes from Fiber Hooligan
03/18/13 3:03 pm
by BenjaminXRX on 03/18/13 3:03 pm
The guest on the second episode of Fiber Hooligan was Rick Mondragon, editor of Knitter's Magazine.

Rick has been knitting for over 40 years and he has been the editor of Knitter's Magazine for the last 13 years. He is an artist and a designer. He is also Benjamin's co-host at STITCHES.

Benjamin started off the show welcoming everyone. And then he thanked his listeners.

Benjamin then introduced Rick Mondragon who joined him from his office in Sioux Falls, SD. Rick spoke about doing some quilting and some knitting over the weekend. Benjamin asked after Rick's dog, Pucci.

After catching up from their weekend, Benjamin & Rick discussed the following things.
  • Rick talked about how Knitter's Magazine works and how it's put together.
  • Rick talked about the way he approaches designs and designers for Knitter's Magazine.
  • Rick gave us a verbal tour through some of his favorite projects in the current issue of Knitters Magazine (Spring 2013, K110).
  • Rick talked about some of the projects he has designed in the last four issues of Knitter's Magazine.
  • Rick discussed the way he knits--in both directions and why he knits that way.
  • Rick gave us a preview of what we can expect to see in the next issue of Knitter's Magazine (Summer 2013, K111).
  • Rick talked about his Opening Day program at STITCHES South next month.

Rick's quote of the show: "This morning I realized that you invited me to be here (on the show) so that I'd come to work early. It's an evil plot."

Benjamin thanked Rick for being on the show and asked him to please come back.

Benjamin closed the show with the following message… "I'd like to wish you all a glorious week," Benjamin said. "Remember… the only thing better than being creative is being kind to each other. The good news… you can do both. Thank you. I'll see you next week on another edition of Fiber Hooligan."

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Benjamin Levisay is the CEO of XRX, Inc… home of Knitter's Magazine, XRX Books, and STITCHES Expos. You can visit their website,
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Upcoming Broadcast…

For the
next edition of Fiber Hooligan, Benjamin's guests will be BeLinda Creech of Elephants Remember Joplin, Pam Haschke of Halos of Hope, and Marian Rose from the Atlanta Knitting Guild. They are going to be talking about thier 'Under the Sea for Kids" campaign - a hat and toy bombing for children who are being treated for cancer at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta - Egleston & Scottish Rite. This is a great story. And you're going to want to tune in to hear from Benjamin and these amazing women.