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Under the Sea for the Kids in Atlanta - Fiber Hooligan Show Notes
03/25/13 4:04 pm
by BenjaminXRX on 03/25/13 4:04 pm
The guests on the third episode of Fiber Hooligan were BeLinda Creech of Elephants Remember Joplin, Pamela Haschke of Halos of Hope, and Marion Rose from the Atlanta Knitting Guild. And they talked  about their 'Under the Sea for Kids' campaign - a hat and toy bombing for children who are being treated for cancer at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta - Egleston & Scottish Rite as part of the program for STITCHES South 2013 in just a little over two weeks.

Benjamin started off the show welcoming and thanking his listeners. And then he read some listener e-mail. Most notably, there was a question of about whether or not Fiber Hooligan should have it's own
Ravelry group. Benjamin asked that listeners let him know if they think there should or should not be a Fiber Hooligan Ravelry group.

Benjamin then introduced his three guests, each in turn and talked a bit about his part work with each of them. Joining Benjamin from Atlanta, GA was Marian Rose from the Atlanta Knitting Guild. Joining Benjamin from Cambelsville, KY was BeLinda Creech from Elephants Remember Joplin. And joining Benjamin from Arlington Heights, IL was Pamela Haschke, founder and president of Halos of Hope.

Benjamin started the interview series with Marian Rose. Marian explained the campaign with Children's Healthcare of Atlanta and talking about the Guild's partnership with Halos of Hope.

Pamela Haschke told her own very touching story of winning her battle with cancer and how Halos of Hope was founded. Pam also talked about her experiences with children going through cancer treatment and the past work Halos of Hope has done with children's' cancer centers.

BeLinda Creech talks about her and her daughter Cee Cee's involvement in the Under the Sea campaign.

Marian talked more about the guild's history of doing community service… especially with kids. She also talked about her own battle with cancer.

BeLinda talked a little more about what this project means to her and Cee Cee.

Marian talked about the call to action for knitters and crochets that want to make and donate hats and toys for the campaign. Knit and/or crochet hats and toys (if you want them to be a part of the initial hat & toy bombing at Egleston & Scottish Rite) need to get to Marian Rose by April 9, 2013. Here is the address:
Marian Rose
839 Whitehaven Lane
Lawrenceville, GA  30043

Marian & Benjamin also said that there would be drop-off points at the STITCHES South 2013 registration desk show on Wednesday, Thursday and drop off points within the STITCHES South Market all day Friday, and through the weekend of the show.

Pamela wrapped things up by thanking Benjamin and the rest of the team. She also gave us some very warm word of caring and compassion to close out the interview.

The quote of the show came from Pamela Haschke: "Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see. All of those diagnosed with cancer need support, but the youngest ones need us the most."

Benjamin thanked BeLinda, Pamela, and Marian for being on the show.

Benjamin closed the show with usual parting message… "I'd like to wish you all a glorious week," Benjamin said. "Remember… the only thing better than being creative is being kind to each other. The good news… you can do both. Thank you. I'll see you next week on another edition of Fiber Hooligan."

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Upcoming Broadcast…

On the next edition of Fiber Hooligan, Benjamin's guests will be some of the gang from Team Ravelry. Benjamin is going to talk to them about some the things that they are doing, their philosophy on the fiber arts community, and their most recent milestone of getting to 3 million users on Ravelry.com. It's going to be great. You'll want to tune in for this episode.