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Mary-Heather & Christina from Team Ravelry - Fiber Hooligan Show Notes
04/01/13 11:11 pm
by BenjaminXRX on 04/01/13 11:11 pm
Benjamin's guests on this week's edition of Fiber Hooligan were Mary-Heather Cougar and Christina Bain from Team Ravelry.

Before the show started Benjamin played a little April Fools joke on his listeners with the help of
Drew Emborksy. You can download and listen to their little intro joke HERE.

Benjamin welcomed Mary-Heather who joined the show from Albequirque, MN and Christina who joined the show from Austin, TX.

Mary-Heather talked about the history and the philosophy of
Ravelry. She also talked about how she got started as a member of the Ravelry team.

Christina also talked about how she came to work at Ravelry and what she does, as a programmer, for the site.

Mary-Heather talked about their most recent
milestone of reaching 3,000,000 Ravelry users on March 8, 2013 and the rate at which new users tend to be added to the site.

Christina talked about what she considers the more powerful features of the site and how those features serve their users.

Benjamin & Mary-Heather talked about the different ways that people use Ravelry.com… in particular how designers can use it.

Christina shared some things that she and Casey are working on. And she shared a link to a very special group called the
Swatcher Secret Hideout group where people can experiment with new  features being developed on the site.

Mary-Heather and Christina expressed their thanks to all Ravelers and welcomed anyone to the site who wasn't currently using it.

The quote of the show came from Mary-Heather: "The Ravelry mandate is to be a useful and inspiring place for fiber artists and yarn lovers."

Benjamin thanked both of his guests as well as all of Team Ravelry for all that they have done and all that they are doing for fiber artists.

Benjamin closed the show with usual parting message… "I'd like to wish you all a glorious week," Benjamin said. "Remember… the only thing better than being creative is being kind to each other. The good news… you can do both. Thank you. I'll see you next week on another edition of Fiber Hooligan."

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Upcoming Broadcast…

the next edition of Fiber Hooligan my guest will be the very talented designer, teacher, podcaster, and entrepreneur, Marlania Bird. We'll be talking about her designs, the work she does with yarn companies & publications, and the classes she does at events and on Craftsy.com. Marly is one of the most positive, energetic, and creative people in our industry. And my conversation with her is not only going to be interesting… it should also be a lot of fun!

Oh yeah... And there WILL be prizes given away on this show!