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Marly Bird - Fiber Hooligan Show Notes
04/08/13 3:03 pm
by BenjaminXRX on 04/08/13 3:03 pm
Benjamin's guest on this week's edition of Fiber Hooligan was designer, teacher, podcaster, and entrepreneur… Marlania Bird who joined the show from Denver, CO.

Benjamin welcomed Marly to Fiber Hooligan and reminisced about when they first met (kind of a funny story).

Benjamin and Marly talked about the upcoming
STITCHES South show.

Marly talked about how she got into the industry from the world of finance. She talked about some of the people that she has designed for… most notably
Bijou Basin Ranch (for which she eventually became their creative director).

Marly talked about the way she approaches designing.

Marly and Benjamin talked more about
Carl & Elieen from Bijou Basin Ranch and how much fun they are.

Marly talked about her teaching at
STITCHES and Craftsy.com. Benjamin asked her about her Curvy Knits class and her Curvy Crochet class (which she teaches at both venues). Marly talked about her motivations for developing these particular classes from a personal and professional standpoint.

Marly talk about several knitting designers that she admired. She did single out
Robyn Chachula as her favorite crochet designer.

Benjamin talked to Marly about her own podcast and the success she's had with
Yarn Thing. In particular Benjamin congratulated her on her interview with Josh & John from Craftsy.com. Marly shared her download numbers for that episode… 42,044 downloads. This was the second most downloaded Yarn Thing podcast episode. The most downloaded podcast was her interview with Deborah Norville which was downloaded 48,959 times.

Marly gave away one of her Craftsy.com classes to a caller. The lucky caller was very nice lady named Sandy.

Benjamin, not to be outdone, gave away one of Marly's classes at STITCHES (to any 2013 or 2014 STITCHES Event) to a caller. The lucky caller was Liz Fox from Monroeville, PA.

Marly gave us a teaser of who will be on her show in the near future and invited listeners to please tune in to her show as well on Tuesdays (at the same time of the day that Fiber Hooligan is on).

Benjamin asked Marly to go though all the great stuff she's got planned at the upcoming STITCHES South Show. Marly told us that she will be teaching
one Market Session class (besides her regular classes) and working in the Bijou Basin Ranch booth with Carl & Elieen. She wasn't sure if she had any of her designs in the Fashion Show on Friday night, but she did encourage everyone to not miss this great event.

Benjamin & Marly also talked about
the PJ Party (which takes place after the Fashion Show dinner on Friday night) which Marly hosts. She talked about what she does to try to make sure people have fun at this free event. Benjamin congratulated her on everything she does for the show.

And the end of the interview, Marly expressed her heartfelt thanks to all of the people that have supported her.

Benjamin thanked Marly for being on the show and asked if she'd please come on again as a guest in the future.

The quote of the show came from Marly about something that must have happened to Benjamin at one of the PJ Parties in the past: "Awesome… so are you (Benjamin) going to get thrown out this time?" Benjamin did promise to tell the story at some point in the future.

Benjamin talked about his upcoming show schedule. Next week, he's doing a compilation of on-the-spot interviews with designers, teacher, vendors, sponsors, and students from STITCHES South. Then, on Sunday night he will edit all of that into the podcast for the show on Monday. So next week's episode won't be a 'Live Show' but it still should be a lot of fun.

In two weeks he told us that he will have Drew Emborsky on the show. And the week after that he's scheduled to have Myra Wood on the show.

Then he got to the reason he gave out the schedule for three weeks worth of shows. Here is the info about the co-hoolgian contest in Benjamin's own words…

" I have decided to run a very special contest," said Benjamin. "I am seeking a guest co-hooligan. Yes! That's right, in three weeks, when Myra Wood is on the show, one of you could be my co-host for that show.

"So… how does this work? If you're interested in being my co-hooligan for the show, please e-mail me at
benjamin@fiberhooligan.com. You can send me an MP3. You can send me a quick web-cam video. You can send me a short essay. The important part is that you tell me why you want to be my co-hooligan. I'll go through the entries in two weeks on April 22nd, and slim your entries down to three finalists. Those finalists will be invited join me on a closed podcast to audition for the job. By Friday, April 26th, I'll have chosen my co-host. And I will announce my co-host online on that Friday evening on the Knitting Universe Facebook page. Please make sure you send me all of your contact information so that I can get ahold of you in real-time if you qualify as a finalist.

"Who is this contest open to? Anybody. I'd ask that you are at least 18 years of age and that you have the ability to actually join me on that Monday morning as my co-host. If you win and you can't make it because you're working that would be really sad.

"Now the why? Why should you do this? Well… for one… it will be fun. I don't know, bragging rights. But being the realist I am, I know that every good contest has a 'kicker' and here's mine. The person that I select to be my co-host will also win a
STITCHES Works package for any STITCHES Event in 2013 or 2014. That's a $695 value and includes 21 hours of classes, the Opening Day program, the Teacher a la Carte luncheon, the Fashion Show, the Fashion Show Dinner, the Student Banquet & Style Show, and an all-access pass to the STITCHES Market throughout the weekend."

Benjamin closed the show with usual parting message… "I'd like to wish you all a glorious week," Benjamin said. "Remember… the only thing better than being creative is being kind to each other. The good news… you can do both. Thank you. I'll see you next week on another edition of Fiber Hooligan."

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Benjamin Levisay is the CEO of XRX, Inc… home of Knitter's Magazine, XRX Books, and STITCHES Expos. You can visit their website,
http://KnittingUniverse.com or their Facebook page, http://Facebook.com/KnittingUniverse. You can also find Benjamin online on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, & Ravelry as BenjaminXRX

Upcoming Broadcast…

On the
next edition of Fiber Hooligan, Benjamin is going to be doing something a little different. He's going to be walking around and talking to different people at STITCHES South 2013 throughout the weekend. He'll be doing some on-the-spot interviews with designers, teacher, vendors, sponsors, and students. Then, on Sunday night, he's going to edit all of that into the podcast for the show on Monday (which will air at the usual time). So this won't be a 'Live Show' but it should be a lot of fun.