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Saturday 02/22/2020, 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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*Other *Sewing-hand *Sewing-machine *Weaving Color, Creativity Design Fit Garment construction Skill-building basics Special techniques Tips & hints Trouble shooting

Phyllis Bell Miller

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Seven Steps to Success with Plaid, Striped, & Print Fabrics with Phyllis Bell Miller
This workshop will guide you as to select and work with different kinds of patterned fabrics: plaids, stripes, and prints. You will learn how to
1) select fabrics-knitted, woven, printed, dyed, etc.-and how to evaluate their quality, design, construction, and suitability for various garment styles;
2) select the correct style for the fabric's type and scale;
3) determine the amount of fabric to purchase;
4) plan and layout the garment for the best use of the fabric using the exclusive matching chart included in the course;
5) the easiest way to prepare the pattern and fabric to get professional results;
and 6) how to assemble and fit the garment like a pro. Participants will receive an extensive handout packet that covers all information covered during the workshop.

__ Pen and paper for taking notes
__Sheet protectors (about 15) and
__a 1 1/2” or larger, three-ring binder for handouts

None. If desired, bring garments or projects about which you have questions.