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Saturday 02/22/2020, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

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*Weaving Skill-building basics Special techniques

Kennita Tully

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Tapestry 201: Beyond the Basics with Kennita Tully
This class takes some of the techniques introduced in Tapestry 101 and explores them for a deeper understanding. Additional techniques such as hatching, distorted (eccentric) wefts, and outlining will be covered. 

Note: Must have basic weaving knowledge and skills OR have taken Tapestry 101.

__Tapestry loom warped at 8EPI for 4” wide warp OR loom from Tapestry 101 class
__Tapestry beater (plastic hair pick will do)
__50g sport-weight mercerized cotton such as Cotton Classic from Tahki yarns
__2 colors of worsted-weight yarn, such as Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride.
__Small amount of sport-weight yarn
__Tape measure, sharpie, scissors, tapestry needle.
__Optional: shed stick, long tapestry needle.

*Firm yarns are best for tapestry weaving, but softer can be used.


Optional fee: $15 for shed stick and long tapestry needle.