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Friday 02/21/2020, 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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Barry Klein

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Event Plaid Crochet with Barry Klein
Crochet has become more and more important in the fashion world and with this class we are taking it to area of accessories and home decor. We will work with a classic crochet stitch to create a striped openwork filet in the number of yarns and rows needed to create your own unique plaid. We'll talk about how to create your plaid at the beginning of class. Once the base filet is created, we will work with the same yarns to create the plaid. It's a fun simple process and makes an incredible design.

Note: Students must have basic crochet knowledge.

__6 different yarns (colors/textures) with you
(Barry will bring bags of yarn for you to use if necessary)
__Crochet hook to match to middle weight yarn in your group. Probaby G,H,I