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Friday 08/10/2012, 8:00 am - 11:00 am

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Lorilee Beltman

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Convert to Continental with Lorilee with Lorilee Beltman
When you learn Lorilee's brand of continental knitting, you will minimize your hand motions for a more comfortable, and perhaps speedier, way to knit. Each finger has a job to do. Understand exactly what motions have a bearing on stitch gauge. (It's not what you think!) Learn to create even knitting by sizing your knits and purls equally. Learn how your choice of tools affects your outcome. Practice the knit stitch then move on to purl, increases, decreases, and ribbing where efficiency really pays off.

50 grams of smooth, light-colored, #4 (worsted-weight), multi-ply wool (no cotton, acrylic, or splitty yarns); 24-40", smooth, circular needle, 3.75mm/US 5 to 4.5mm/US 7, slippery steel preferred.
Note: If you have a wooden needle this size, you may use it instead. No straight needles as they will hinder the learning process.

Cast on 24 stitches and knit 4 rows. If you do not currently know how to knit, ask a friend to help you get your homework done or arrive at class 15 minutes early to receive help from the instructor.