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Thursday 08/09/2012, 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm

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Gwen Bortner

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Sneaky Shaping with Short Rows with Gwen Bortner
Knitted fabric has some wonderfully unique properties when it comes to garment creation. One of the best is the ability to create a three-dimensional fabric through the use of short rows. Short rows can be used in a variety of ways including sock heels, shoulder shaping, bust darts, and even interesting stripes. During class, get hands on experience to compare and contrast four techniques: basic short rows, wrap and turn, yarn over, and Japanese short rows. Discover which method produces your preferred result and learn when, where, and how to apply them to various types of knitting projects.

1oz each of two different color yarns of the same weight (DK to worsted); needles appropriate to the yarn selected; removable markers; scissors; and pen or pencil.