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Friday 04/01/2016, 8:30 am - 11:30 am

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Deborah Jarchow

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Log Cabin Weaving Technique with Deborah Jarchow
Have you admired the beautiful log cabin technique and wondered how that pattern is possible on the rigid-heddle loom? In this class the mystery behind the pattern is revealed. You will weave several samples that teach how the pattern can be changed to whatever proportions you want. Don't miss this chance to explore this beautiful technique.
Note: Rigid-heddle looms provided for class use.

150 yards each of two contrasting colors of worsted weight yarn that is smooth, strong, non-hairy and is at least 2 ply, scissors, tube from inside a paper towel roll, 1 brown paper grocery bag, tapestry needle, 10 yarn of waste yarn