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Saturday 04/02/2016, 8:30 am - 11:30 am

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Judy Pascale

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Jeweled Scarf with Felt Closure with Judy Pascale
This mini beaded scarf is the perfect size to complement any look. Done with a non-prestringing beading technique nestled within a few knitted lace repeats, the scarf can be worn alone or is perfect with any jacket. The distinctive V-Shape with its graceful flow embellished with beads creates an extraordinary and very versatile neck piece. Due to its sleek size and design potential for creative beading, this scarf could also be a stunning alternative to other forms of neck jewelry enriching either casual or elegant outfits.
Next, spark your creativity by making a wet-felted, unique, free-form shape as your scarf closure. While laying out thin layers of wool roving, you will cleverly include a hidden magnet which allows your closure to be very versatile. By using contrasting colors or re-introducing a few beads, you can create a chic contemporary scarf closure. The short time requirement for this project makes it a fun “knit-it-anytime” activity and a perfect gift for any occasion.
Materials fee: $5 includes beads, beading tool, 4 magnets, and wool roving.

Fingering weight yarn, needles size # 7 (if you are a lose knitter, # 6), markers to identify center stitch
Materials fee: $5 includes beads, beading tool, 4 magnets, and wool roving.