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Sunday 04/03/2016, 8:30 am - 11:30 am

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Garment construction Skill-building basics Tips & hints

Rick Mondragon

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Putting Buttonholes in their Place with Rick Mondragon
The buttonhole is not a mystery! Instructions vary from designer to designer, publication to publication, pattern to pattern. Sadly, there is no standard. We encounter different techniques for creating button bands, and not all results are stellar. Poor placement and finishing compromise beauty and shorten the life-span of your knit.
Fortunately, Rick Mondragon HAS the solution—The Easiest Buttonhole in the Universe!
You'll start out with the pick-up and end with the bind-off—with plenty of technique and seasoned advice, and a little knitting along the way. Come find out where to place and how to space buttons and buttonholes, how many buttonholes work best for a project, and even what size buttonhole to make. This morning of learning will give you a lifetime of successful cardigans, jackets, and waistcoats.

Yarn and needles to correspond with each swatch, assorted buttons in varied sizes. (1 or 2 of each is fine)

Six 6x6" swatches in different gauges, and stitches. 1 swatch worked in stockinette stitch and 2 row stripes.