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Thursday 03/31/2016, 10:00 am - 1:00 pm


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Opening Day Spotlight and Luncheon
Design Matters
with Laura Bryant and Barry Klein

We know Laura Bryant and Barry Klein as owners of yarn companies — Prism Yarns and Trendsetter Yarns — where they drive the direction of their yarns. But designing yarn is only part of the job, they also need patterns to sell the yarn. So they became knitwear designers. But both will assure you that even without the day job, they would knit. Which brings us to you!

You love to knit as a pastime. They love to knit! • You collect beautiful yarns and interesting patterns. They produce them. • You make a sweater to fit you. They design and grade the patterns for multiple sizes. • The difference? They have designed and made hundreds of knits. Along the way, they have learned a thing or two that can make the next easier and more successful — for them and for you!

Spend the morning with these 2 accomplished knitters, who just happen to MAKE YARN, as they share their personal take on
Making Sense of Sweater Making.

Then, join us for lunch teachers a la carte style.