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Friday 04/01/2016, 8:30 am - 11:30 am
Friday 04/01/2016, 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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*Knitting Color, Creativity Knitting techniques Socks Stitch patterns

Anne Berk

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Argyle Socks with Anne Berk
Argyle Socks are classic and have a timeless appeal especially for men. They have a unique construction, because they are most efficiently knit flat using the intarsia technique, and then joined and knit in the round following the gussets. Mattress stitch is used to invisibly join the leg and the instep seams. This class will have samples, charts and instructions for all sizes, from baby socks to adult male, and will show how to modernize the Argyle using new yarns and fun color combinations. Learn to do intarsia, read a color chart, work duplicate stitch, invisible seaming, how to knit a gusset heel flat, ways to knit and close a toe, and how to weave in ends efficiently.

Sharp tapestry needle, post-it notes, smooth sock yarn in 3 to 4 solid colors with as much contrast between colors as possible. DPN's, straight, or circular needles suitable for your yarn, sizes 2.25mm/US1 to 2.75mm/US2.

Knitting Basics:

Sharp scissors, notebook, pen or pencil with an eraser, stitch markers, blunt tapestry needles (large and small), flexible tape measure, small calculator, and needles & crochet hooks of various sizes.

Swatch 1: With Main color, cast on 34 stitches. Work K1, P1 ribbing for about 1".
Swatch 2: With any sock yarn, knit ribbing as for Swatch 1. Knit in stockinette for 30 rows. Row 31 (RS): Place the first 9 sts on a holder. Knit the center 16 sts (the instep sts) and place the last 9 sts on another holder. Continue to work the center instep sts in stockinette for 14 rows. Place the center sts on a holder. (45 total rows)