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Sunday 02/25/2018, 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm

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Lorilee Beltman

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Colorful Cast-ons with Lorilee Beltman
When knitting a project do you feel you're not getting to the fun part until well after the cast on? Try these colorful cast-ons to add interest to the project, and to add extra entertainment value for you, the knitter.

We'll make swatches, so you'll be able to apply the techniques learned to add a modern touch of color to your next garment. Or, by adding colors to the cast-on edge, you can introduce colors that appear later in piece. The options are so plentiful that there is more in the handout than we have time to get discuss, but we'll choose our favorites and proceed at a good clip.

_About 50 grams #4 (worsted-weight) wool or wool blend yarn (Main Color)
_Smaller amounts (10 - 25 grams) of 2 to 4 contrast colors of yarn of the same weight and type, (stash yarn is fine.) Be willing to share your contrast colors with classmates.
_Needles appropriate for yarn, about size 3.75/US5 to 4mm/US7. 2 sets of needles: one must be a circular approx 32" long, the second could be straight or another circular.