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Sunday 02/25/2018, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

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Anne Berk

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Putting it All Together with Anne Berk
Learn to combine techniques—intarsia, fair isle, duplicate stitch, and embroidery to customize projects in new ways. Starting with a basic motif, you will decide how to bring it to life with the skills you know. The class will concentrate on intarsia and fair isle for basic fabric, duplicate stitch and embroidery for embellishment. We will learn how to read a chart, and adapt it for embroidery. Many samples, as well as the swatches produced in class, will provide inspiration for creativity.

Yarn in several colors, all the same weight, and appropriate needles. Yarn needles, locking markers

Sharp scissors, notebook, pen or pencil with an eraser, stitch markers, blunt tapestry needles (large and small), flexible tape measure, small calculator, and needles & crochet hooks of various sizes.

CO 32 sts with any method. Border Row 1(RS) Knit. Row 2 (WS):Knit . Row 3 (Eyelet row) Knit 3, *k2tog, yo, k2* 7x, end k1. Row 4 (WS) Knit.
Body of swatch (RS) Knit all sts. (WS): K4, P24, k4 Continue working 4 st border in garter stitch, and stockinette in center 24 sts, for 38 rows Repeat the Border rows 2-3, and BO all sts on the WS (row 4 of border).